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Vitamin B-12 Deficiency Symptoms
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Symptoms of B12 Deficiency

Question on healing: I have been having a very bizarre symptom. My foot seems to pulse with some kind of electrical pulse. It feels almost as if I put my foot against something that was running, like a generator. Totally weird. What could be causing that?

Healing Facilitation Response: First of all, I must preface this answer with a disclaimer. Unexplained symptoms are best nailed down by a qualified professional. There can usually be more than one reason for any unexplained symptom so be sure to check with your doctor. That having been said, any sort of tingling, numbness or the kind of electrical shock or electrical pulse feeling that some may experience in hands, feet, arms or legs could be symptoms of neuropathy, or nerve damage. There can be more than one cause for neuropathy, including Vitamin B12 deficiency. Ruling out other conditions may also be helpful as a first step.

Cyanocobalamin vs. Methylcobalamin: The cyanocobalamin version of B 12 is usually less expensive and more readily available. Those formulas with methylcobalamin version are pricier but thought to be more bioavailable and active. You should note that, although one of the symptoms of a B 12 deficiency can be heart palpitations, some individuals with a gene mutation known as MTHFR may actually experience heart palpitations if taking too much of the methylocobalamin version of Vitamin B-12. If you've been diagnosed with MTHFR, you should check with your doctor about the best form of B 12 to take.

Questions to answer if you are experiencing unexplained tingling sensation in limbs, electrical pulse feeling, etc:

1. Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? If so, you may be developing diabetic neuropathy, a common problem with diabetes. Nerve damage of this nature is generally considered to be non-reversible by the medical community although there are holistic wellbeing remedies that have been historically considered effective by users in some such cases. If you haven't been diagnosed with diabetes, it might still be a good idea to have that possibility ruled out, particularly if you are exhibiting other symptoms of diabetes. Additional symptoms to look for may include incessant thirst, copious urination, blurred vision and extreme, almost constant feeling of fatique.

2. Do you have a subluxation or pinched nerve? A chiropractor can determine whether or not unexplained symptoms of neuropathy is being caused by a pinched nerve or impinged nerve can be a factor in numbness, tingling or electrical sensations in the limbs. Chiropractic care is not presented as a replacement for needed medical attention. Nor is any other natural remedy mentioned on this website. However, I personally have benefited greatly from low-force and no-force chiropractic care over the years, with regard to pain and tingling in my neck and arms. I have a definite preference toward those types of treatment. More info on chiropractic care.

3. Have you stopped eating meat within the past 5 years? This one may come as a suprise but vegans may become deficient in the vitamin B-12, which can lead to neuropathy. Vitamin B-12 deficiency is something every vegan should consider. If you not eating two to three meals of foods that have been fortified with Vitamin B-12, and you are a vegan, you may be setting yourself up for Vitamin B-12 deficiency as well as the neuropathy such deficiency can cause. The body, amazingly, may use stores of Vitamin B-12 for up to 5 years but switching to a vegan diet may begin to exhaust stores within one year's time or less. Some can store Vitamin B-12 for 5 years before depleting (unlike the other B-vitamins which cannot be stored in excess).

4. Have you been drinking frequently for 1 to 5 years? Excessive alcohol use can seriously deplete Vitamin B-12 stores so if you are drinking more than normal for extended periods of time, you may become deficient sooner than the 3 to 5 year norm. Vitamin B-12 deficiency has additionally been linked with cardiovascular disease, macrocytic anemia and pernicious anemia.

More on B12 deficiency and neuropathy

5. Do you take a supplement with folic acid or eat processed foods containing folic acid? There are different forms of folate just as there are different forms of Vitamin B12. The folic acid form has been pushed by doctors and added to all kinds of supplements. It is not the best form to use and can cause trouble for someone who is unknowingly B12 deficient. The folic acid form of folate can cause an undiagnosed B12 deficiency to become worse due to a scientific explanation I can't really understand fully but you can find out about here: Video about Pernicious Anemia and B12 Deficiency

Health Care Disclaimer: As mentioned elsewhere in this article, there can be more serious reasons for nerve pain, tingling, numbness and restless leg symptoms. Be sure to check with your doctor, particularly if you have ever been diagnosed with subluxation of the spine or if you are diabetic. The information contained in this alternative article on symptoms of b-12 deficiency does not replace medical attention for medical conditions such as diabetes, chemo-related nerve damage or other sources of neuropathy. If you decide to try Vitamin B-12 supplementation, also get medical diagnosis to rule out other, underlying conditions.