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Throat Chakra Congestion
The Spiritual Significance

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How do we clear throat chakra congestion


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The throat chakra is our energy center for communication. Whenever we have congestion and pain in the throat, regardless of what health challenge the body chooses as the vehicle for getting the alarm of imbalance to us, it suggests that we are either: not being truthful in communications not being clear speaking when we would better be served by silence not speaking when we need to speak.

Because so much of my own life involves communication, as a wellness counselor and just as someone who utilizes the frequency of healing in words, I have found myself at various times in my life, having throat problems, sore throats, eustachean tube drainage, etc. During those times, I was almost always in a noticable state of spiritual transition in my life.

When throat chakra congestion has flared up, it has most often indicated that it is time for me to let go of an old level of communcation to let a higher level come in. The degree of congestion is related to the degree of struggle my personality is having with the release or with speaking in ways that are outside my comfort zone at the time.

Health Disclaimer: The spiritually based views expressed here are not suggested as replacement for any needed medical evaluation, testing or treatment. See your doctor for any unresolved throat challenge.