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Throat Chakra Clearing Techniques
Energetic Healing for Congested Chakras

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Techniques for Energy Center Clearing - How to clear a congested throat chakra


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This is part of a spiritual wellness series on throat challenges, sore throats and the throat chakra. To read the original question and better understand this segment, please click the preceding link. In this section, I share a few of my throat chakra clearing tips that have worked for me and others facing communication challenges, emotional repression that has affected the throat and lack of expression that has led to health issues involving the throat. If you found this page on a search for natural sore throat or tonsillitis remedies, please visit our section on natural remedies for throat pain

Toning, Meditation and Primal Screaming - Tools for Throat Chakra Clearing
Toning is an excellent cleanser and expansion tool for clearing throat chakra blockages. One may listen a toning tape, tuning forks or crystal bowls, allowing the vibrations to adjust the throat chakra for healing and clearing.

An even more powerful way of toning is to tone using your own voice. The way I do it is to simply start making tones thru a slightly opened mouth, after doing some deep breathing for a little while to calm myself and reach a more meditative state. While toning in this way, I experiment with directing the tones up or down in pitch and intend them toward the chakra that feels congested, in this case that would be the throat.

Once I find a resonant tone for my own throat chakra, I can feel it penetrating that area and while that's happening I focus on releasing limiting communication skills and bringing in the ability to speak my truth more and more consistently in all cases.

Meditation for throat chakra clearing:
1. Vizualization for Chakra Clearing: With your hands over the throat chakra, meditate while visualizing radiant blue light flowing into the throat, may be helpful for throat chakra clearing.
2. Tapes designed to lead into a meditative space, such as hypnosis, binaural beat, or subliminal tapes can be assist the mind toward the energetic position that would naturally help to clear the chakras.
3. eeing an energetic healer is often quite helpful in clearing chakra blockages as well. My most significant criteria for any healer I choose to work with is that I feel safe with them. I may have fear around whatever it is I need to heal but I feel safe with the healer or I don't work with them. An energetic healer may spin the chakra energetically in whichever direction is indicated, to get the energy flowing in that chakra again. They may alternately infuse certain frequencies into the chakra as a way of flooding the area with clarifying energy.

A high-level etheric alchemist may simply witness you from such a space that you shift yourself, which is the most empowering form of healing facilitation. The state of witnessing a sovereign being is, in itself, an etheric elixer that bathes the field and can most powerfully assist in whatever shifts are in alignment in the moment.

Primal Screaming can be very effective for throat chakra clearing too, if done with focus and spiritual intent. Just ranting and raving is not the same as creating safe, sacred space within which you can fully release sound. I lived in a remote area where I could just scream as loud as my lungs would allow and no one would notice or care. When that space was no longer available, I used to drive somewhere in my car, away from everything and everyone. As I sat there, I prayed and then I just let a sound come, fully and loudly.

Sometimes, primal screaming can be so intense as to be scary so if you don't feel safe doing it alone, find a friend who will agree to go to some space where you don't have to be concerned about being loud and screaming with abandon. Afterwards, I find walking or taking a hot bath to be a good way to integrate my cells and balance after a release.

Singing and chanting can also be potent cures for a clogged throat chakra and is particularly powerful if singing spiritual songs or chants. I like Snatum Kaur for this, or Krisna Das. Full-body movement or dancing while singing can also be valuable for moving energy. Just keep focus on the throat rather than getting lost in the music. Allow every moment to breathe energy into the throat and release stagnant energy from the throad.

Etheric Alchemy Responses to Healing
Health Disclaimer: The symptoms of throat chakra congestion may manifest a condition the medical profession would call sore throat, tonsillitis, strep throat, throat cancer or other conditions. This information is of a spiritual nature and not meant to replace necessary medical treatment. Our body tells us when it needs help so get the type of help that you are ready to receive. That may be medical in nature. These tools are not suggested as replacement for any needed medical evaluation, testing or treatment.