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Health Information about Syndrome X
What it is and How to Evaluate Risk

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What is Metabolic Syndrome X?


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For more information on Syndrome X, please visit the The American Heart Association

If you have type 2 diabetes, you may also be told by your doctor that you have metabolic syndrome, or syndrome x. Rather than being one disorder, Syndrome X is the name given when a patient presents with a specific cluster of medical problems that are that are being considered, as a whole, to increase that patients risk of heart problems such as cardiac disease and stroke. This same cluster of conditions, when existing together in one patient, are also believed to increase the risk of diabetes.

There are other names, besides Syndrome X, by which this particular risk-factor grouping of medical disorders is called, and this confuses the issue for a lot of people seeking information. It is sometimes referred to as Reaven's Syndrome, metabolic syndrome, CHAOS, insulin resistance syndrome, and just insulin resistance.

Are you at increased risk of cardiac disease and diabetes?
Syndrome X can be difficult to diagnose because so many of the symptoms could be stemming from a wide range of health problems. For example, some of the more common symptoms include fatique, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Since these symptoms could have any number of health challenges behind it, it's important to look at the entire cluster of symptoms (especially those less common such as pro-thrombotic states and pro-inflammatory states), as a whole.

It is also good to find a doctor who is well-informed on Syndrome X for your diagnosis. One way to do this is to look for specialists who advertise a focus on diabetes and diabetes-related complications. Another way is word of mouth. Join a syndrome x forum andask around for a good doctor in your area.

Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome X

Health Disclaimer: The information within this health care article on Syndrome X is not intended to take the place of any needed medical advice. Diagnosing this health condition (also referred to as insulin resistance syndrome, Reaven's syndrome and several other names) may require the careful attention of a specialist so choose your healthcare professional carefully.