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Vitamin B-12 Deficiency Symptoms
Unexplained Symptoms mean B12 Deficiency

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Are you deficient in Vitamin B-12?


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I always knew, as a health and wellness coach, that that B12 was important. However, I didn't realize how important it was and how often deficiency in B-12 is overlooked or misdiagnosed. If you have several of the symptoms below, I'd encourage you to persist until your doctor orders the appropriate diagnostic testing to rule out B12 deficiency. Keep in mind that CBC testing may not always be sufficient to show a B-12 deficiency. Vibration/Sensation test is important if you are noticing neuropathy symptoms.

Common symptoms of B-12 Deficiency and/or conditions where B12 deficiency may be a factor: Believe it or not, this is only a partial list. Vitamin B-12 is so vital to so many of the processes of the body that a deficiency can cause a wide, wide range of symptoms. If you have a cluster of these, it would be wise to get proper testing to make sure your body is able to use the vitamin B12 it has and that it has enough for vital functions. 1. Balance issues
2. Poor memory
4. Unexplained fatique
5. Anemia
6. Dizziness or getting light-headed on standing
7. If you have adrenal issues or thyroid issues
8. Unexplained bursts of anger or rage
9. Unexplained depression or suicidal thoughts
10. Colitis
11. Parkinson's
12. Alzheimer
13. Heart Disease
14. Cerebral atrophy
15. Muscular Wasting
16. Tremors
17. Cognitive Impairment
18. Multiple Sclerosis
19. Neurological Problems
20. Osteoporosis
21. Spinal Cord Degeneration
22. Loss of sense of the location of your body in space
23. Clumsiness
24. Loss of dexterity
25. Nerve damage / Neuropathy
26. Depression (can be a form of neuropathy)
27. Shooting pains down arms or legs
28. Low white blood cells anemia
29. Low red blood cells anemia
30. Muscular pain / spasms
31. Platelet disorders
32. Adrenal gland malfunction
33. Mood disorders/emotional instability
34. Inflammation
35. Tongue tenderness
36. Tachycardia
37. Nausea
38. Diarrhea
39. Lupus
40. H. Pylori
41. Tinnitus
42. Unsteady gait
43. Stuttering
44. Trouble with talking
45. Restless Legs
46. Dementia
47. Blurred vision
48. Impotence
49. Tremors
50. Numbness or tingling feeling in legs or arms
51. Incontinence
52. Manic feelings or paranoia/anxiety
53. Insomnia or troubled sleep

Important notes: The only way to get Vitamin B12 through diet is by eating meat. Nitrous Oxide inactivates B-12 so if you are in a medical surgery and receive nitrous oxide, it is vital to restore vitamin B12 stores. Adopting a gluten-free diet may be helpful. Chemotherapy inhibits B12 so large doses of B12 during chemo may be very important. Cyanocobolamin is the cheap and synthetic version of vitamin B12. Avoid this in supplements. Birth control pills may compromise your ability to use B12 and contribute to B-12 deficiency.

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Health Care Disclaimer: As mentioned elsewhere in this article, there can be more serious reasons for nerve pain, tingling, numbness and B12 deficiency symptoms. The information contained in this alternative article on symptoms of b-12 deficiency does not replace medical attention for medical conditions such as diabetes, chemo-related nerve damage or other sources of neuropathy. If you decide to try Vitamin B-12 supplementation, also get medical diagnosis to rule out other, underlying conditions.