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Amitriptyline Side Effects
Sleep Aid Side Effects

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Prescription Sleep Aid Side Effects- Cautions on drugs for insomnia


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This is part of a series on insomnia caused by fibromyalgia. If your doctor has prescribed a sleep aid to help you with getting more restful sleep, please take the time to talk with your pharmacist about all other medications you may be taking, as well as asking about potential side effects you may need to watch for when taking the particular sleep aid you have been prescribed.

Pharmacists are usually more aware of these side effects and drug interactions than your doctor may be and they are required by law to counsel you if a consultation is requested so when you go to the counter to turn in the prescription, ask for a consultation regarding side effects and potential interactions with foods, natural remedies and medications. Although the list of common, and typically not dangerous, side effects of prescription sleep aids is quite long, there are a few side effects that may be life-threatening and these are the side effects I want to focus on here.

Dangerous Sleep Aid Side Effects:
The following is a partial list of more dangerous potential side effects which should be reported to your doctor immediately:

Feeling faint or dizzy
Any facial swelling (or swelling of the tongue)
Restlessness to the point of being unable to sit still
Any type of unusual, unexplained bleeding
Hands that shake uncontrollably
Any yellowing of your skin
Any yellowish look to the eyes
Heart flutters or palpitations,
Rapid heart beat
Strong chest pain
Any problems speaking or slowing of your speech
Unusual bruising
Muscle spasms in your neck, jaw area or your back
ny severe skin irritation or seizures.

Talk with your pharmacist for other potential sleep aid side effects including constipation. Also, ask about including natural adjunctive therapies to your sleep management regimen. Ask your doctor about natural sleep aids and alternative medicine therapies such as aromatherapy and Reiki, Reflexology. If your doctor agrees, considering adding some or all of these natural approaches to your health regimen.

Did you know, or are you willing to consider, that there may be spiritual implications to insomnia?

Important Health Care Disclaimer: Prescription drugs such as amitryptyline are not without risks. Please discuss these risks fully with both your pharmacist and your mental health counselor. Suggestions for natural pain relief are educational in nature and not intended to replace any needed mental health evaluation or medical treatment.