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Saffron Extract Side Effects
and Potential Health Benefits

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Saffron Extract Side Effects and Benefits


Looking for Saffron Extract?
Saffron Extract

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Saffron extract is in the news for weight loss. Anything Dr. Oz mentions gets a lot of attention. Of course, saffron has been around for ages. It is a member of the Crocus family, specifically the saffron crocus. As mentioned on the Saffron Select page linked above, there are some genuine numbers to support the potential of saffron extract as a weight loss aid. But is saffron safe?

It appears that, for the person who is otherwise healthy and just needs to lose weight, this supplement is generally considered safe and side effects are generally mild. They may include dry mouth, feelings of anxiety, dizziness, drowsiness or allergic reactions. Among side effects mentioned, according to Lybrate saffron benefits and side effects, high doses may cause some troubling symptoms which include dizziness, vomiting, skin or eye yellowing and even bloody diarrhea. I've seen references to seasonal allergies flaring up with saffron and, of course, it's always possible that a person is allergic to anything. Best to start low and stay fairly low with saffron, from all I've read. .

Saffron Extract Warning!
Because something is natural does not mean it is harmless. Too much saffron is definitely not smart. Please don't think that more is better in this case. Follow dosing guidelines carefully. Taking too much may result in nausea, vomiting, even internal bleeding. Be safe and smart as you lose weight in a healthy way. Also, again according to The Internet Drug Index, those with bipolar disorder should NOT use saffron. I do not recommend taking this supplement if pregnant or nursing, without specifically clearing it with your doctor first.

If you want to try saffron extract, may I suggest Optimized Saffron.

Positive Side Effects of Saffron Extract:
In addition to helping people lose weight, saffron has other reported benefits such as reducing premenstrual syndrome and helping with feelings of depression. However, if you are under a doctors care for depression, be sure to check with your doctor before adding saffron as a mood enhancer.

Health Disclaimer: Binge eating can represent a deeper, emotional issue which may need professional help. Saffron is not suggested as substitute for mental health counseling or medical attention you may also need. I do think saffron could be helpful as adjunctive therapy in such cases, if your doctor agrees. Otherwise, the binge eating I'm referring to is those who are otherwise healthy and who just occasionally fall off the weight loss wagon and binge.