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How to help your body release pain and stress


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Pain is real. It's hard to deal with chronic pain and it begins to impact every area of your life. Stress is real. Unhealthy reactions to stress and pain go hand in hand. I never see one without the other. Addressing stress is, in a very real way, addressing pain. Conscious Breathing, the Use of Specific sound frequencies and dreamtime assistance are tools I have personally used successfully in my own life. I hope you will find them useful as well.

Ever notice what happens when you experience pain? The body contracts, literally, it draws up and draws in toward what is hurting. You begin to breathe less fully, more shallow. If the pain is intense enough, you may even stop breathing altogether for a bit.

Consciously choosing to breathe more deeply and with intent is like an instruction to the body to release contraction, to relax and to marshall it's healing capacity in a different way.

I believe unhealthy reactions to stressful situations to be an underlying factor in almost every kind of chronic pain.

Conscious breathing is something that can help, whether that intent of breath is focused on balancing, clearing congestion that is causing pain, or the breathing in of clarity, the body responds to intentional breath. Yet, due to programmed dread of pain and resistance to feeling it, full and focused breathing is the thing we close often down just when it would best serve us.

If you check yourself when the pain is worst, you will probably find that your breathing is shallow and sharp. This creates a form of stress in the body. Remember to use your breath with intent, for stress relief and pain reduction. How?

Conscious Breathing:
Take a deep breath in and through the pain. Choose to act as if you are not in resistance to pain. It takes a little practice. As you breathe deeply in and with the pain, gently stretch your body, letting the body move in ways that feel good. Imagine that the healing breathe is moving directly into the area of pain, bathing it in light or love or healing heat, whatever imagery feels right to you. As you breathe out, imagine your body releasing stress and tension with each outbreath. As you continue to breathe deeply and consciously, you may find thoughts of stressful situations coming into your mind. These are clues, from your being, as to areas needing a little more acceptance or balancing. Without having to know how you will change how you respond to stress, just tell your body that you see and commit to change.

Sound as a Healing Tool:
Specific vibrational frequencies may affect the body drastically. I've seen this in my own experience. Violent rap music literally impacts my energetic field before I even hear any words on a conscious level. I notice that my body is tensed, stressed, uncomfortably irritated. Other music almost immediately creates a sense of peace and joy within me. I think our bodies function like big ole' tuning forks in the world and finding the vibrational frequencies that generate a sense of wellbeing can be very healing for chronic pain.

Some avenues to explore with pain and healing include chanting and toning. In particular, I love to just make sound and move that sound up and down in my throat til I find the tone that seems to just soothe and settle pain or emotional struggle. Meditative drumming is another way to not only soothe stressful and painful body reactions and drumming also heightens self-awareness and spiritual connection for many who try it or listen to it. I've also benefited from primal screaming at various times in my life. Primal screaming is just what it sounds like; screaming without inhibition or social editing, letting it all out in a safe space. Sometimes, pain is nothing more than a massive backload of unexpressed emotion. Releasing that through unhindered, raw sound is often incredibly empowering. If primal screaming feels a little too dangerous, try dancing it out. I've danced for hours before. It helps.

Sleep on it!
As you ly in bed at night, do the conscious breathing exercise and perhaps even choose sound frequencies that soothe, your favorite drumming, chanting or musical cd. As you drift toward sleep, you may consciously enlist dreamtime help for pain relief is to specifically ask for healing at a dna level. Don't worry if you don't know what "at a dna level" means. Spend some time meditating before going to sleep, visualizing your dna structure aligning itself for proper function through all your muscles and tissues. Even if you don't know what dna looks like, just visualize muscles relaxing, releasing toxins, performing normal contraction and expansion, etc. Also, ask for healing facilitators to come help with healing at a cellular level and be specific.

Are you on amitryptyline for pain-related insomnia? Please read about potential Side Effects of Amitryptyline and other prescription sleep aids.

Important Health Care Disclaimer: If you are struggling with chronic pain, see your chosen healthcare professional. This information is not presented as substitute for medical attention you may also need. Chronic pain may impede digestion, sleep patterns, elimination and other important health functions so while it is not usually considered life-threatening, pain that is chronic can definitely affect your health longterm and should be addressed.