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Organic Gardening Guide
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How to grow an organic garden

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Want to learn how to create your own organic garden and possibly even start to grow the majority of the food you eat, right in your own backyard? Get Lee O'Hara's gardening dvd and learn how to:

* Prepare your soil for organic gardening
* Build raised garden beds
* Build a drip system
* Control pests with safe and organic methods
.... and more.

Who is Lee O'Hara? Lee O'Hara is a master gardener from California who grows between 80 to 85 percent of his own food, right in his own yard, without pesticides or herbicides. Lee O'Hara walks his talk. On this fantastic dvd series, Lee shares important information, not only about creating and maintaining your own organic garden but also on being a good steward of your land, farming responsibly and reaping a harvest of delicious, healthy food without harming the environment.

Order Organic Gardening Made Easy
by master gardener Lee O'Hara!!

Are you aware of the GMO Threat we face today? Genetically modified foods pose health risks as well as broader risks that I believe have not been considered or, if considered, dismissed by those interested in controlling the food supply. Learn what a GMO food really is and why you should avoid them.

Organic Gardening Tip -- if you buy beans or peas and they have an unnatural color, or look oddly brilliant, they have probably been treated with synthetic fungicides. These are toxic chemical impregnated into seeds and beans.

Saving Seeds? The Ultimate Seed Kit (see banner to left) is an awesome, quick way to have all your heirloom garden favorites stored and ready for planting. Whether you are a doomsday prepper or just someone who likes to help preserve heirloom seeds, this kit would be all you'd need to start a great garden.

Health Disclaimer: The organic gardening guide is for those who do not want to buy foods that have been shipped and possibly radiated on the way to the table. Organic gardening is not presented as medicine or a cure for anything although healthy foods support the body's natural ability to maintain wellness. This information is educational in nature.