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Natural Sore Throat Symptoms Relief
FDA-Registered Sore Throat Remedy

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Ask a Healer Recommended: Throat and Tonsil Doctor from Native Remedies

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Throat and Tonsil Doctor is designed to relieve the pain of sore throat. The natural ingredients in this formula:

* Soothes inflamed tonsils
* Relieves sore throat pain from bacterial and viral infections of the throat
* Safe and non-addictive
* FDA-registered natural sore throat remedy
* Reduces chances of secondary complications in lungs or ears.

Throat and Tonsil Dr. is a homepathic remedy containing ingredients known for healing properties for throat pain and also for immune response improvement properties. Homeopathics chosen for this formula include Gelsemium, which is very well-known for the calming effect it produces, and the ability of Gelsemium to soothe sore throat tissues. In addition, Merc sol is added because it supports health in the mouth and throat as well as the tonsils, gums, teeth and nose. Other ingredients include Belladonna and Hepar Sulphuris Calcarum. Throat and Tonsil Dr. is an OTC medicine registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Natural home remedies for sore throat include:
* Gargling with warm salt water
* Drinking green tea
* Keeping the throat area soothed by way of natural lozenges such as Ricola
* Sipping pure water often as a way of keeping hydrated while the throat is irritated
* Gargling with baking soda in warm water. 1/2 teaspoon is enough
* Running a humidifier in the bedroom to keep throat and nasal passages from drying out
* Consuming neutral broths, like chicken or vegetable broth.

Health Care Disclaimer: Chronic sore throat may be a sign of a more serious underlying medical condition such as GERD, acid reflux, allergies, throat cancer or other serious conditions. If you are experiencing chronic sore throat, get medical diagnostic testing to rule out these or other conditions. Natural remedies such as Throat and Tonsil Doctor, while helping to relieve the pain of a sore throat, are not suggested as replacement for any needed medical attention or treatment that may be warranted.