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Lugol's Iodine Solution for
Radiation Exposure, Hypothyroidism and Ebola

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Iodine Health Benefits and Side Effects

What is Iodine? Iodine is an essential trace mineral - that means the body has to have it to function properly. Iodine is stored in the thyroid gland and is important to thyroid health. In fact, how well your thyroid functions is due, in great part, to having sufficient iodine in your body. The thyroid uses iodine in the process of making vital hormones.

Where do we get iodine?
You've probably noticed the words "iodized salt" on the box of salt you buy at the grocery. This indicates that the salt contains iodine. We may also get iodine by eating foods that are rich in it, like sardines, salmon, tuna, cod, shrimp and oysters. However, with the oil spill in the Gulf and the Fukushima plant still spewing toxic radiation into the ocean, some people are staying clear of seafood. There are non-seafood choices for getting iodine in your diet but there is also the option of simply taking an iodine supplement.

May I recommend Lugol's Iodine Solution which is made using 99.8% USP/ACS pharmaceutical grade iodine prills derived from naturally occurring iodine deposits, and 99.5% USP/ACS grade Potassium Iodide dissolved into double heat distilled water.

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Health Benefits of Iodine: Iodine has many reported health benefits. It is considered effective for hyperthyroidism, radiation exposure, or skin infections caused the fungus Sporothrix. It may also be helpful in correcting iodine deficiency, the impact of exposure to radiation and certain thyroid conditions. Other potential but not proven health benefits include help for fibrocystic breast disease, diabetic foot ulcers (applied topically) and relief for mouth pain and swelling during chemotherapy treatments (applied topically).

Iodine for Ebola: I recently read an article on ebola protection that included iodine in the list of supplements to have on hand in the event of exposure to the ebola virus. Since there is no recognized medical cure for this virus, many are seeking natural approaches to both fortify their body against the virus and to assist the body in the event of contracting it. Iodine is included on many sites about the subject, for it's ability to kill viruses, parasites and bacteria.

Side Effects of Iodine:While taking iodine is generally regarded as safe, I found reference to specific drug interactions including antityproid, lithium, warfarin, ACE inhibitors and ARB's. Also, check with doctor if on potassium sparing diuretic or Amiodorone. There is more information on benefits of iodine supplementation as well as potential iodine side effects online.

Health Disclaimer: Supplementing with iodine is not presented as any kind of replacement for medical attention, evaluation or treatment. Check with your doctor if you have any kind of thyroid condition, before taking an iodine solution.