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Foot Reflexology and Colon Health

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Topics by include foot and hand reflexology plus articles on colon health>

Alternative Medicine Corner:
Acupuncture - Information about acupuncture as a wholistic health modality.
Aroma Therapy - Information about essential oils for natural healing
Chiropractic Care - Low force or no force chiropractic care, specifically B.E.S.T. Method
Reiki Therapy - Information about Reiki Therapy for natural healing

Foot Reflexology as Wholistic Medicine:
Are there any side effects with foot reflexology? I wonder if there are every any side effects when a person gets a reflexology treatment on their feet? If it affects all the body, what can a person expect?
What is reflexology? Is reflexology just foot massage? What are zones? How does foot reflexology benefit the whole body when all that is being touched is the feet?
In foot reflexology, do right arm and right shoulder correspond to right foot? If I have pain in my right shoulder and arm, would the reflexologist work on my right foot? Do the foot reflexology zones go up the body like that?
Can foot reflexology help heel spurs? I have painful heel spurs and want to know if foot reflexology would be beneficial? Are there any other suggestions for healing heel spurs?

Hand Reflexology - Just as foot reflexology can impact areas of the body far removed from the foot, working the reflexes in the hands can also provide wonderful results.

Colon and Urinary Health:
Restoring Healthy Bowel Movements - Holistic health series for those who suffer from chronic constipation. Series includes information on what causes constipation as well as typical constipation symptoms. You'll also find helpful guidance if you suffer from chronic constipation and some dependable natural constipation remedies.

More on Colon Health:
Severe Constipation Help Post-Surgery constipation, possible factors, helpful recovery tips.
Considering a gastric bypass to lose weight? There are risks involved in any surgery but, for some, gastric bypass is a risk worth taking. This is the experience of one of my dear friends who elected to have the surgery and was successful in getting through it. I hope her story helps others.
Spiritual Preparation Before Surgery Any type of surgical procedure is stressful and traumatic at a cellular level but there are ways you can work with your body to insure the best surgical experience possible.