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Dr. Hayashi's Water Stick
Creates Hydrogen-Rich Water

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Our bodies are primarily water. We cannot survive long without water. Anything that generates a stronger, more health-giving property into water is something I can support.

Like many, I remember seeing the pictures of water droplets that had been charged with positive and negative words, in the film "What the Bleep do we Know?" When I look at those water droplet pictures from Masaru Emoto, it reminds me of what I often see in the energetic field of people who are dominated by negative thinking or who are in depressed moods.

Because we are a water-based species, the ripples of negativity around us have an impact on the energetic field, just like negativity or positivity affects the water droplets in the experiment. For example, a person who is in a chaotic state of mind will often appear to have these lightning-bolt looking energetic patterns coming off their head or solar-plexus whereas a person who has just been in deep meditation will often be shrouded in a calm white or blue light.

While there are non-physical ways to address this, it doesn't hurt to have energetic support on a physical level. Water additives and catalysts can help bolster our field to resist negative impact. For example, I believe alkaline water and energized water can help. Based on Dr. Hayashi's studies, I could expect the water stick to be helpful as well.

About Dr. Hayashi's Water Stick: The water stick is extremely easy to use. You just keep the water stick in your water. It generates active hydrogen, which is a strong free radicals fighter. It creates hydrogen-fortified water that is cleaner and less acidic than regular water. Benefits that users of the water stick report include weightloss and feeling more healthy and energized.

Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi was a cardiovascular surgeion who decided to research water. Dr. Hayashi's reports and clinical experience on the benefits of hydrogen-rich water have been documented and span 25 years. He knows his stuff about hydrogen-rich water and it's health benefits.

One benefit of Dr. Hayashi's water stick over an ionizer is that it keeps the water hydrogen-rich longer. Also, the water stick will not over-alkalinize the water. One water stick provides about a half a year's worth of hydrogen-rich water. The Hydrogen Water Stick is an FDA-Registered Medical Device.

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