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I give Mt. Capra products my highest personal endorsement for nutritional quality.


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I research the product lines of the companies I partner with at the Wellness Library. I don't have a lot of medical issues so I haven't used every product that I share here but I try to at least check the ingredient list and ask any pertinent questions that aren't clear to me before sharing products here. As far as the products I do use, I don't personal endorse a lot, even when I have tried them myself and like them.

It takes noticable results for me to put my name and the name of my wellness library out there, personally endorsing a specific product line. I rarely do it but I can say with absolute confidence that the Mt. Capra product line is superior in every way. I've been in communication many times with the company via email and they have answered every question I had on nutritional quality. I'm convinced they truly do want to provide superior products and that they have succeeded in doing so.

I've been using Mt. Capra goat whey protein for about six months now and I drink it every single morning, in my bulletproof coffee. I knew I wasn't getting enough protein and having the goat whey every morning has been a strong affirmation. I have more energy, my muscle tone is better, my mental focus has improved and I just feel better drinking the whey.

I love how easy it is to get half my daily protein in such an easy, delicious way. I get 24 grams of pure goat whey protein that is native and nondenatured. Mt. Capra goat whey protein does not come from cheesemaking byproducts but direct from fresh goat's milk and boy, do those goats have the life of Riley. In other words, they have it mighty good. FYI, here's where the phrase the life of Riley originated.

Mt. Capra goats are pasture-kept year round and are free to forage as long as weather permits. On the occasions where supplemental feed is needed, they are never given GMO grain. The goats are fed fresh barley fodder that has been grown right there at Mt. Capra, with organic haylege, and fresh water, Some apple cider vinegar is added which helps to naturally control pesticides without adding chemicals or herbicides to their system.

Mt. Capra has state of the art, unique to them, processing procedures that ensure top quality, nutrition, enzymes and vitamin/mineral support in every goat milk product they carry. In addition to using the unsweetened goat whey protein every day, I've also used the Capra Mineral Whey and I love it. I like to mix the mineral whey in hot water and drink it like a tea, just before I go to bed.

The whey protein is something I try never to be without. However, they also have various other protein products. If you'd like to discover the Mt. Capra difference, please consider the sampler pack. I believe you will love it and I can give no higher endorsement to any product line than I do to Mt. Capra. I intend to keep using their products every day. Mt. Capra rewards repeat customers as well, through a point system. I've never paid as much for subsequent orders as I did for the first one. I like getting that loyalty discount!

Neva Howell
Ask a Healer Webmaster

About Goat Whey Protein: One of the reasons I was researching goat whey is that I had already tried SO many whey products made from cow's milk and from cheese-making byproducts. I could not tolerate a single one. They all caused intestinal issues, bloating, gas, cramping, etc. When I read that goat's milk is more like human milk than cow's milk, I decided to find the best goat whey on the planet. I'm satisfied that I've succeeded. Having said all that, goat milk products are not represented as any kind of treatment for medical issues. Nor can I promise no person will experience allergic reactions. However, I can say that I don't experience any at all with Mt. Capra and I did with every other brand I tried, including organic brands.