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Some interesting and informative freebies!

Did you come seeking the Moon Lodge Visions Ebook? I used to offer a book of earth-body changes and prophecy covering the years between 1996 and 2012. I retired the book after it's time had passed but kept most of the significant information here at the wellness library and on my blog. If you do a search on a subject, you will most likely find something from the book here. If you came from Hollie B's Institute for Self Crafting and would like a copy of the info on the feedback loop that she mentions there, just use the contact link at top of page to find how to contact me and I'll be happy to send it to you free.

Biggest free ebooks site online: I just discovered this site recently and wanted to post a link for anyone seeking free information online. They list over 50,000 ebooks at no charge. Amazing site for Freebies. Click here to visit Project Gutenberg

Free Healing Journey Class
Do you feel you might be called to work as a healing facilitator, to assist others in their spiritual growth and healing? If so, I have a free healing class series that may help you better understand what is required to do healing work with spiritual integrity. Learn about creating safe and sacred space, understanding the natural pace of healing, doing the work within to prepare yourself as a healer, and more. This is a free online healing class.

The Power Connection Acting Class
Are you a ham? Or a strongly creative being? Or someone who struggles with social situations and public speaking? Either way, you may enjoy the free acting class I offer here at the Wellness Library.

Free Ebook: End Bad Breath
Find out what causes bad breath, how to cure bad breath and other oral health tips. Free articles on dental health care, tonsil stones, dry mouth, and other dental concerns as well. Click here to download your free Free Bad Breath Ebook

Free Ebook About Love I met Scaughdt, a Peace Pilgrim, at Heartwood Sanctuary in Mentone, Alabama. Rarely have I met an individual so clearly focused on their purpose here. Scaughdt has made some ebooks available, his own writings on spiritual topics, and I'm sharing a link to one that I think has a lot of meaning in today's world. Scaughdt is aggressively passionate on every topic and his views quite hard-hitting.

Like most others on the path with me who write about spirituality, I don't necessarily resonate with everything this Peace Pilgrim has to say. However, there are many glimmers of Truth that do resonate with me, in what Scaughdt shares in his writings. Here is the dropbox link to pick up a copy of Lessening the Lies of LOVE, a deeper look into some of the more common myths surrounding what it means to Love, what it means to be Loved, and what LOVE itself actually is.

Disclaimer: Any free offers mentioned on this page that are not offered directly by myself here at the wellness library, are based on information I found on the websites at the time I visited them. If you do not find the free information, please let me know so that I may update the website. Also, please use your own discernment as to the value and validity of any free offer found here or elsewhere online.