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Diabetes-Related Nephritis
Diabetes-Related Kidney Problems

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Ask A Healer Series on Diabetes

Information about Diabetes-Related Nephritis

Diabetes-Related Health Articles

Nephritis is an inflammatory condition that affects the kidneys. Diabetes-related nephritis is one of several health complication that may develop if someone who is diabetic does not get proper treatment. Nephritis can be diagnosed with urine analysis and blood tests. Your doctor may additionally want to utilize ultrasound or x-rays in the diagnosis process, or take a kidney tissue biopsy.

I recommend Dr. McDougall's site for learning more about diabetes-related nephritis, including what causes nephritis, how it is diagnosed, related ailments and help for inflamed kidneys. Kidney Disease Information. The article includes information on glomerulonephritis, a kidney condition affecting children. I like Dr. McDougall's information because he included simple yet very important dietary suggestions for helping your kidney function.

Holistic Wellbeing Disclaimer: Wholistic Health information on nephritis and kidney inflammation is educational in nature and not intended to replace medical attention or treatment for inflamed kidneys.