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Detoxing the Body Dos and Dont's. How do you know when you need to detox? Why detox in the first place?


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Question on alternative health care and healing: Is detoxing really all that important? Doesn't our body know how to detox and keep us cleaned out? And even if you choose to undergo a detoxification regimen, how do you know what is the best detox program to use, there are so many?

Healing facilitation response: I watched that show "The Doctors" the other day and they were saying detoxing was not necessary if a person ate healthy. Well, it helps to eat healthy but I don't think they are taking into consideration that we are absorbing far more environmental toxins than we ever have before and that the body organs can definitely benefit by detoxing naturally and giving the body a little help to eliminate the toxins. We are eating foods that contain pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. Our air is full of heavy metals, chemicals and toxins. Our meats contain steroids, antibiotic residue and herbicides from food ingested by the animal. Our water has prescription drug residues, harmful chemicals, herbicides and pesticides in it.

Because we live in a polluted world, our bodies are having to maintain balance in a situation they were not designed to handle. We need to detox because, in addition to not having toxin-free food, air and water, most of us eat badly - fried foods, fast foods, white flour, refined sugar, chemical sweeteners, etc. Do we need to detox? You betcha.

I also totally understand your confusion over detox programs. It boggles my mind too and I've been a wellness counselor for decades.

Over that time, I've also tried many a detox program and to date, the best internal cleanse formula that effectively addresses all body systems, in other words, the best whole body detox program I've found is from Blessed Herbs.

Characteristics of a Great Detox Program
There are definite things to look for, in finding a good detoxification regimen that I can share with you but first, let me answer the second question because if detoxing is not that important, you won't need the rest of the answer, right?

Let's take it one step at a time....

Does anyone really need to detox?

Detox Disclaimer: The health care information that you have just read is purely for educational purposes. It does not replace medical attention for health conditions involving the colon and bowel, such as IBS, diverticulitis or colitis. Any decision about detoxing that readers might make, based on the contents found in this or any educational article, is the right and responsibility of the reader. Please consult with your chosen healthcare professional on questions relating to detoxification and colon health and, if you have an existing bowel problem such as IBS, always check with your doctor before starting a colon cleanse.