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The Spiritual Significance
as Throat Chakra Issues

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Spiritual Significance of Clogged Throat Chakra - What are Chakras?


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What are energy centers?

Chakras, also called energy centers of the body refer to specific areas where energy emanates in a way that helps inform the body and the person's life in spiritual, or energetic, ways. When all the chakras are in balance, the body experiences homeostasis. At spiritual levels, balanced energy centers help us to maintain awareness and mindfulness, as well as making it easier to notice intuitive sensings.

Blocked chakras indicate a stopping of life force energy, which has both physical and spiritual implications. When a chakra is blocked, it means the normal and natural energetic flow of energy has slowed or stopped. The discomfort of a blocked chakra may include physical symptoms but usually, at first, the symptoms are more of a spiritual nature and may include mental confusion, psychic interference, emotional imbalance or a feeling of spiritual disconnect.

There are seven major chakras, each with traditionally associated colors, that affect the overall energy flow of the body. Balanced energy flow through all chakras, in turn, has a beneficial effect on health on all levels.

Balancing chakras and assisting people in removing their own congestion is the work of spiritual, vibrational and energetic healing facilitators and most can sense a definite difference once chakra healing work is complete. The health question posted here regards the throat chakra, and specifically the condition of tonsillitis as a symptom of throat chakra congestion. Our throat chakra helps us keep our communication clear and effective. When the throat chakra is congested or blocked, we may have trouble saying what we mean, meaning what we say or expressing effectively.

Question on spiritual healing:
I had a reading telling me that my Throat Chakra was clogged or blocked. How do I remedy this? And is sore throat or tonsillitis a sign that the throat chakra is out of balance?

Healing facilitation response:
Spiritually speaking, the throat chakra quite literally corresponds to communication challenges. So, in the view of the spiritual healing facilitator, problems with the throat area are seen as indicative of some problem with expression.

Energetic throat chakra congestion can eventually be followed up by literal throat problems - excessive phlegm in the throat, frequent sore throat, difficulty swallowing, etc. Of course, frequent sore throat or tonsillitis can also point to related physical problems including post nasal drip, chronic sinusitis, allergies, eustachean tube drainage or even throat cancer so, once a spiritual imbalance manifests as a physical imbalance, it is important to see your chosen healthcare professional.

Before manifesting as physical imbalance, a throat chakra imbalance can be sensed as an unexplained tightness in the throat, a feeling of restriction. It can also manifest in our communication struggles. Anyone with major communication issues, whether those are expressing thru inappropriate expression (anger, rage, bitterness, etc.) or lack of expression (shutting down what we want to say for fear of being judged, rejected, or hurt), should do some work around clearing the throat chakra.

Good questions to ask oneself if the throat chakra is closed include:
1. Is there something I want to say but am letting fear, doubt or other factors prevent me from saying it?
2. Am I expressing inappropriately, with anger, indirectly with passive agression or at the wrong time or to the wrong person? Do I need to temper or adjust how or what I am saying to others?
3. Is there some creative expression that I am not allowing room to be? Am I quelling an important self-expressive passion?
4. Does God want me to use my voice in some direct way now, even perhaps as a vocation or path?

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Health Care Disclaimer: Persistent or chronic sore throat could be an indication of a more serious health concerns, including cancer or oral herpes, so please check with your doctor. The information provided here on sore throats and tonsillitis is educational in nature and not intended to replace the input from your physician. All sore throat remedies featured here are educational in nature and you should use your own discernment in deciding how best to treat your own sore throat.