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Questioning all Assumptions
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Was I really born to be an actor?


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The Wounded Artist

I was watching the trailer for Rocket Man (a film coming out in early 2019, based on Elton John) when I heard a line that has switched on some new brain circuits.... "You gotta kill the person you were born to be, to become the person you wanta be."

Just after I wrote this, someone asked me how I got into acting and I replied "I think I was born for it". hmmmmm, was I? Questioning all assumptions. A sentence starting with "I think" seems simultaneously to distance me from "I know".

After sleeping on this, I realized something close to profound. It may be that the person I gotta kill is the one who believes she was born to struggle. The struggling actor paradigm fit me like a glove. I was born into poverty, raised by a single mother and a Grandmother who strongly believed her treasures were laid up in heaven and earth wasn't supposed to be easy. Perhaps I have to kill the struggling actor to become the actor I want to be, an actor who is comfortably supported by the work she loves.