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Day 6 with Ausome Water
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My Sixth Day Using Keith Perry's Spiritual Catalyst called Ausome Water - Understanding a self-defeating pattern


This is part six of my results from a short but fascinating experiment with spiritually restructured water. To start at the beginning of the experiment, please read part one: Beginning of Experiment

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Important Note: The Ausome Water products (now called Awesome Drops - not sure if process is the same now. Please read update) were put thru several energetic processes and, as a result are a form of restructured water with energetic properties. The steps involved in creating this energized water included diamagnetism, vortexes, implosion, standing wave principles and magnetic fields.

Ausome water (now called Awesome Drops) is a spiritual tool and is not presented as a treatment for health challenges.

The frequent physical improvements noted by users of Ausome Water should be considered the result of the user's spiritual intent enhanced by the frequencies in the water.

Also Important: I am deliberately using high dosages of this water. It is NOT recommended that anyone use as much as I'm using when first starting out. Please use spiritual discernment if you decided to try it.

6th Day on Ausome Water:

Woke with a headache again, third day in a row. My almost immediate guidance was to take 1 drop of liquid progesterone. It worked.

I am noticing that my spiritual sense of guidance is stimulated more the past few days, I assume as part of the effect of working consciously with the water. My sense of higher guidance has usually been good; however, challenging situations of the past few months had weakened my ability to always pick up on it for myself so it's nice to get clear information easily again.

I'm feeling I need to reduce the amount of drops I'm using so only used about 3 drops today, one drop in each 16 ounce bottled water.

I figured out how to take care of a problem that had been bugging me for a few weeks today too. The idea just popped into my head of how to fix it. I feel more creatively in tune.

I forgot to mention that I gave four of my spiritually aware friends some of the water to try, on a one-time basis, and asked for their honest input. Two reported feeling very relaxed and just really good. One reported slight feeling of nausea (she took more drops than the other 3). The final person said she didn't really tell that much difference but also said she wasn't usually sensitive to things like that.

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Health Disclaimer: Energetically enhanced water is a spiritual tool. It is not represented as any type of replacement for medical evaluation or treatment. Be wise with your health. Feeling light-headed after a hot bath can be a sign that you have stayed in too long or that the water was too hot. Take it easy.