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Energetically Enhanced Water Experiment
A 7-Day Spiritual Journey

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ausome water helps me understand energy gridlines and energize gridlines

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Product Review: My Second Day of Energized Water - Upping the dose of Energized Water


Ausome Water now Awesome Drops

This is part two of my results from experimenting with some products called Ausome Water (now called Awesome Drops) and Clear Light. To start at the beginning of the experiment, please read part one: 1st Day on Ausome Water

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Important Note: These energetically enhanced waters are presented as spiritual tools and for spiritual purposes only. Any reported physical benefits can be seen as the result of increased spiritual connection prompted by the spiritual intent of the user and the supportive frequencies in the energetically enhanced water.

Also Important: I am using far more of these waters than is recommended for someone beginning to use them. That's a choice I am consciously making, understanding there may be spiritual consequences to doing so. I do not recommend that anyone take the doses I've elected to try.

2nd Day on Ausome Water:
I woke to a phone call again. This time, it was from someone wanting to come and look at my collectibles. They came and purchased some and paid cash. More income.

Upped the dose to 5 drops in 16 oz. regular water. Feeling a bit of a headache in the afternoon. After working on computer this isn't really unusual. I had carpal tunnel type pain in wrist and pain in neck as well, which is also typical after spending a good deal of time working.

I rubbed in one drop of the water on my wrist and palm and another drop on my neck. Within an hour, I noted that the carpal tunnel pain had reduced by 95%. It was almost gone. The neck pain had reduced as well but only about 40%. I applied a second drop of the water to my neck and, a short time after that, the pain in my neck was also reduced greatly and almost gone.

Took a hot bath to which I added 10 drops of Ausome Water. Oh, what a lovely experience. I love hot baths anyway but usually get antsy after a bit and want to get out because I'm just not comfortable in the position I have to sit in or lay in, in the tub. Not this time. I luxuriated and even meditated and truly didn't want to get out.

I thought of that movie, The Green Beautiful. It tells of people who come back to earth from more evolved places and how they have to get their feet in water to be able to telepathically communicate with their family on the other planet, or in the other dimensions. I kind of feel that way about communicating on psychic realms - water helps the connection and Ausome Water intensifies the water connection even more for me.

The second night, I had vivid, important medicine dreams. For a large part of the dreams, I was literally floating in water. I received messages about relationships with men, my path as a creative artist and my spiritual work as a healing facilitator. I've worked with dream interpretations for years so vivid dreams are not unusual for me because I ask for them. What was unusual was the water and also that so many facets of my life were addressed in one night and one series of dreams.

Ausome Water now Awesome Drops

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Health Disclaimer: Energetically enhanced water is a spiritual tool. It is not represented as any type of replacement for medical evaluation or treatment. Be wise with your health.

Day two with Ausome Water Reviewed by Neva Howell. Water Additive Review, Day 2 My second day using Keith Perry's Ausome Water.