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Anti-Aging Treatments and Tips - Evaluating Anti-Aging Treatments


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If you are seeking information about anti-aging treatments, you don't have to look far online to find tons of products, therapies, beauty care and nutritional advice. It is all designed to help you look younger, longer. CoQ10 is one of the better-known ingredients in a lot of popular antiaging creams but the newest kid on the anti-aging block is idebenone, which is a sort of souped up version of enzyme CoQ10. With so many choices, how does one begin to know which products really deliver? I have a few rules on skincare:

1. I look for all natural or organic, preferrably organic.
2. I look for low preservative ingredients or no preservatives.
3. I look for products that have antioxidants among the active ingredients.
4. I am not shy about contacting the company directly if I have a concern.

It's no mistake that most beauty products advertised as anti-aging treatments are also promoted as antioxidants. Turns out that antioxidants are powerful, natural anti-aging ingredients that, when added to beauty products, impart their youth-giving properties to the skin.

I have only now, as I enter my 50's, begun to appreciate the truth of that old are only as young as you feel. Looking back on my younger years, I realize that I actually feel better now than I did then, amazing as that may sound. Healthy eating and healthier living is a big part of the reason I feel better now, and a big part of the educational focus on this site because no health supplement, anti-aging treatment or prescription drug for that matter, can take the place of a healthy diet.

Continue with part two on healthy skin care, where we review some important tips for healthier skin

Skin Care Disclaimer: The skin care tips and information on antiaging treatments and antioxidants does not replace any needed attention from a dermatologist. If you have skin conditions such as psoriasis or rosacea, please consult a qualified skin care specialist.