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The Journey of Abundance
Shifting Poverty Consciousness

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Chapter 2: The Journey to Shift


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My Personal Journey with Shifting Poverty Consciousness:
Accepting responsibility for the reality I chose was my first step toward prosperity consciousness and that first step did not come easy. Despite that fact that I actually remember choosing my parents, I resented the dynamics and vibratory frequency within the family unit I chose for the first three decades of my life. I simply couldn't see the blessings within the experience of poverty as a child and, even as an adult, it manifested as some kind of Satan in my life... something I had to fight with all my might and with no hope of lasting victory. Underneath the resentment of my birth family choice was a sort of smoldering self- resentment. Why had a chosen to be born into a house of abuse, alcoholism and poverty?

Looking back now, from the vantage point of having successfully created a much more abundant life at least once, I can see how much of me was wrapped up in that battle, that resentment and those questions. Because I hated poverty so deeply, I thought about it almost all the time. Unwittingly, I was energizing the very situation I hated, and making it harder for me to shift away from poverty thinking and into abundance living.

It is a rather foolish notion of the human ego that it can produce, alone and by sheer effort, results sufficient enough to shift reality. It's an illusion but one that my ego rigorously defended. I believed I could MAKE it change. If I just worked hard enough, tried long enough, fought strong enough, I'd break through to prosperity. That belief periodically seemed true. Like pushing a huge ball up a large hill, effort can finally get the ball to the top but goodness, how tired the pusher is by then and how little reward the harder climb offers.

I also had been taught in school and by every role model I ever had that hard work was the way to get money. My Grandmother was probably my strongest model. Grandma was a fundamental Christian who lived the adage �treasure in heaven�. She had no experience with or belief in any ease of life. She had no ease of life as a result. I do trust she will have those treasure in heaven for she was salt of the earth. Later, after I awakened spiritually, this idea that working hard was the path became even ironically engrained when I read books like �The Secret� or listened to motivational tapes on creating abundance. Those guides taught that abundance was easy but the path to it, the way they told me to achieve it, seemed as hard as hard work had been to me. Everyone was telling me I create whatever I wanted in life. It was that word, create, that kept getting me in trouble.

Through sheer human effort, I �created�. I didn�t get that creation could be effortless. I just took the �work hard� paradigm up a notch. Through fever-pitch meditation, prayer and visualization I thought I was creating prosperity when, in reality, I was only working hard on a mental level the same way I used to work hard on a physical level. The money came but never lasted. I would repeatedly find myself back in poverty again, shaking my fist at poorness again, and struggling to pull myself back up to some sort of income I thought would mean I was prosperous.

I view all this gigantic effort with more gentle eyes now, realizing that the ego has to do what it does for a time... until we fully get that it is not going to work. So, I consider all those hard, lean years as training; spiritual training in prosperity consciousness and abundance living. I didn�t know then about something called Human Design. I�ve since learned, and believe, that I chose the coordinates and time I was born, for the purpose of experiencing life within a specific design. Let�s just say that I am here to find out what works and share what works with others. In order to find out what works, I had to try a whole heck of a lot of things that did not work.

I also can be loving with myself because I now realize that I�m not at all designed to go out and create abundance. I�m designed to respond to life in the moment, as my inherent energy field brings life to me. I don�t have to �do� anything but respond. As someone who initiated her entire life, and spent unimaginable amounts of energy trying to make something happen, you can understand that this was a shock to discover.

I learned about my human design through a series of informative videos and articles and I highly recommend it for anyone who seems to be butting their head against wall after wall in life, and never seeming to get ahead in financial terms. Like me, you may be entering situations incorrectly and out of alignment with your design. If you�d like to get a free human design chart, I�ve included information on that in the resource section. I also recommend the videos of John Martin on youtube.

Abundance Exercise: Would you like to test the waters? What happens if you decide to embrace your current financial situation, and stop trying to fix it or change it? Where do you contract around that idea, physically speaking? Does it feel as if doing that might mean you die or you are weak? Whatever comes up, can you wrap your consciousness arms around it and be OK with yourself?

Noticing where your body contracts around acceptance, breathe into those areas. As you breathe in, intend the flow of the breath into the tense shoulders, gut, neck, etc. by focusing on those areas. You may even want to place a hand on the part of the body that is afraid and contracted, as if to say �I AM here.�

If you find, any you certainly may, that you simply cannot relax into the idea that nothing needs to be fixed or changed, then can you be OK with that? Turn your attention back to your breathing. It may take a few days of just breathing into your own contraction before the surrender that leads to ownership and understanding happens. It�s your animal instincts that are in charge and they want to protect you from perceived harm that may come from not having enough money. It may take a little time and patience to feel safe enough to simply be with your reality.

Chapter 3: Surrender and Ownership

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The spiritual information on this website is the result of my own life as a 6/3 Generator (research Human Design to see what that means) practicing trial and error. Nothing here is meant to replace a person's innate spiritual sensing and guidance.