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Surrender and Ownership
Components of Abundant Living

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Chapter 4: The Path To Surrender


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Spiritual Surrender Works but how do we get there?
I know from experience that true surrender works, as a way to collapse the current reality and allow for a new reality to form. But how do we get there? How do we reach the space where we let go of trying to fix what seems unbearable to us? How do we surrender to what is and accept the present co-creation as something co-created by a powerful being with good reason? How do we own our situation?

There's an infuriating truth here which is that we can only be where we are at any given moment. I often tell people in sessions that it is what it is until it's something else. Learning to be OK with what is, that's a tall order but quite ironically it works when we want what is to be something else entirely. To some, this idea infuriates because it smacks of giving up. I see it more as giving in to reality so that I can clearly see what I've co-created with others and with God. If I never see my creation clearly, how will I know what I want to shift?

Getting to Surrender:
Surrender means creating space for the Divine. As long as our ego selves and our minds are involved in fixing, changing, figuring out and seeking, we are pretty much disconnected from the Divine in us and around us. There is something profoundly powerful about surrender because it allows a nothingness the Universe can infuse.

Letting go of Meaning.
If I asked you right now, how do you want your life to be? You will probably give me meaning. You will describe what you want, in some fashion, to feel fulfilled and successful, to feel on track with your life. Every book I've read and every tape I've listened to about creating success says some version of this. In the new way, meaning is not defined by the mind. If you can speak it out, it's pulled from intellect. There is a space within you that is willing to allow each moment to reveal meaning, rather than starting from a defined point that the mind has settled on. This is a big shift for some. It was a big shift for me. It felt backwards and weird. Yet, I saw the power in letting go of "the big plan" almost immediately. I felt my body relax into the unknowing, a space of trust that did not exist when my mind was telling me who I was and what I wanted.

Visualization in the new way.
You may be wondering if visualization can even be employed in the new way. After all, to visualize something and feel as if you have it, isn't that constructing something with the mind? Yes, it is. Those visualizations may well be based on someone else's belief systems or who you were five years ago. If you have a memory board or some clear image of what you want, ask yourself:

Who is it that is being clear about what is wanted? If you are familiar with the work of Tolle, you understand what I mean when I say who is observing these feelings you are having? There is a part of you that is calm, at peace and able to know right action at every moment. Are you listening to that part of yourself or is your fearful, longing part calling the shots?

What part of you wants what you are visualizing? Is it the part that is in touch with All That Is and able to see the vast picture (big is not "big" enough) of how all the different parts of your walk in the world could come together for the most rapturous and beautiful dance? Is it a wounded and weak aspect of you that is trying to visualize something better or is it the part of you that already is living on the other side of whatever it is that you feel needs shifting in this moment of now?

Asking these questions may be a more significant use of energy than visualizing a particular reality until it out-pictures in front of you. That's really only one metaphysical step from the carpenter who builds the chair. Anything that can be visualized is a concept, a structure, a creation. What is it that is beyond visualization? Has it occurred to you that the visions you want for your life may be eluding you because your soul wants what is beyond visioning? On the other hand, perhaps what you vision is based on some past need or desire that doesn't even serve you now, or some wounded part of you that wants this or that to fill a space left by loss, betrayal or what was seen as a mistake in the past?

The thing about this earthly veil, this human existence, is that we become ingrained to creation through effort. It is modeled in everything from the time we are born to the time we die. It's the way 3-d works but you are not exactly captive to your third-dimensional form, are you? You suspect there's more or you wouldn't be reading this book. Humanity is waking up to a new way of being, a new way of creating, a new way of being in the world. For now, can we just let that Truth be and talk about ways that might bring the vibration of the new way more strongly into your path?

Tips for Easier Shifting:
Try visualizing colors or patterns to represent your best life.
Get out of your mind and into the quantum field of potentials in abstract and playful ways. Then, if a concrete, third-dimensional vision comes in, it's far more likely that the vision came from beyond your own personality ideas and perceptions.

Connecting and Sharing Energy.
Energy work is helpful with all aspects of spiritual awakening and patterns of poverty consciousness is no acceptation. Reiki healing sessions, massage, chakra balancing and meditation classes can all assist in alignment, opening and grounding of the new way energies as regards financial abundance. In particular, you may find regular healing sessions to be incredibly supportive when you set your intent beforehand to allow for new relationships with concepts like money and abundance to enter and enliven your body.

Moving Your Body!
As a spiritual healer, I've long recognized that memories get stored at a cellular, molecular level in the body. When we are stressed about not having enough money, the body contracts. When we are in fear or in survival mode, the body tries to pull itself in and protect itself from threat. This may show up in the shoulders, neck, back or other parts of the body. In particular, check your shoulders. I'm reading a wonderful book called "The Wizard of Youth" by John Paul Ouvrier. There is a section on the shoulders and how, when we stress we raise them up, sending our neck forward and cutting off the ability to breathe deeply and freely. It's a protection mechanism but it's not a useful one when the only thing we are trying to protect ourself from is fear of what might happen. Learning to notice our shoulders often through the day and, if scrunched up, to release them and bring the neck back up and take a few breathes is a very good practice toward surrender.

If we have a pattern of struggle around money already, like I did from having grown up so poor, then the way our body contracts will follow the pattern set before and, if activated repeatedly throughout life, may become very deeply ingrained at a literal, cellular level. Spiritually focused movement can facilitate the release of cellular memory. So, just doing yoga or tai chi with the spiritual intent of healing the past can help the body do that faster, and more smoothly than leaving movement out of your spiritual focus.

Practicing Conscious Breathing.
As I mentioned earlier, the breath is a powerful spiritual tool. When we consciously breathe in around a contraction in thought or in the body, we literally use the breath of life with intention. Breath can create space and a sort of still point around fear, doubt and other stressful emotions that pull us off our center and away from soul guidance. It's important to let the breathing itself be the goal. In other words, we are not breathing to change anything. We are breathing because we want to infuse whatever is going on with the breath of life. That changes things: our mind does not change them; our ego does not change them.

The body is like a Geiger counter for the Spirit. There is no significant shift in your life that will not be accompanied by some sort of physical body message. Learning to read your body during times of shift and change can provide powerful information as to the nature of a spiritual shift. I had so much body pain when I first started waking up but I did not know it was a message of cellular transformation. I just resented it and wanted the pain to stop.

Over time, I've learned to thank the body for being so relentless in telling me when I am resisting, when I am going out of alignment and when I am being asked to accept new levels of energetic healing that may threaten the personality self and, therefore, create pain as a distraction or a point of resistance.

For me, a vital part of releasing poverty consciousness (or any other misaligned awareness, in fact) is to move my body. In the case of fear consciousness around money, I seek to move my body in different ways while I think of money or the lack of money. I highly recommend movement with this intent. Dancing with money, holding money in your hands or putting money on the floor and dancing on it can be fun and also powerful.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, take a ten dollar bill, or even a twenty, and tear it into little pieces and throw it away. Or burn it. Notice what happens in you.

Discovering where you body holds "money tension" is very helpful and the best way to discover this is to think of money, sitting still, and see where tension happens. Then, move your body a different way, not thinking, just moving out of contraction.

Body Pain Around Money

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The spiritual information on this website is the result of my own life as a 6/3 Generator (research Human Design to see what that means) practicing trial and error. Nothing here is meant to replace a person's innate spiritual sensing and guidance.