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How to Prepare Your Body for Surgery
And Reduce Risk of Surgical Complications

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Tips on preparing for surgery in a way that helps recovery


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Healing after surgery by preparing before surgery: If you are facing a surgical procedure and wonder if there are ways to fortify the body for a smoother surgical experience and more speedy healing after surgery, you may benefit from reading these surgery prep tips.

Meditation before surgery is an additional way to allay fear, relax your body, and prepare for the procedure. Listening to relaxing music can also be very helpful so be sure to take your favorite tapes or cd's with you to the hospital.

If you have accessed your health situation and feel that surgery is the best way to address health challenges, for you, it's important to know that you can help your body prepare for surgery and you can help your body heal faster after surgery.

Question on health care and spiritual development: I know you don't believe in surgery but my doctor says I have to have surgery, to correct some internal damage in my organs. Since I'm going to have it, I was wondering if there were ways to insure the best result?

Healing facilitation response: I actually do believe in surgery, in some cases, although I consider it a last resort for me, personally. When the body has manifested malfunction to the point that natural remedies do not have time to work, surgery is a viable option. Also, although a person may not be quite ready to heal on the deeper emotional and mental levels which are usually the core level of healing, they may be ready to start the healing process by addressing the situation physically.

Surgery provides a way of "getting out the bad" on a physical level, and for some, this is the first step toward "getting out the bad" on higher levels. Surgery provides a physical route to literally taking out the pain, or imbalance. However, if the non-physical levels of dis-ease are not also addressed, the health condition will likely manifest once more, down the road.

Preparing your body for surgery: How well you recover after a surgical procedure has a lot to do with how well you prepare before a surgical procedure. On a very practical level, it is vital to fully discuss any supplements or OTC meds you take. Do not assume that over the counter meds or natural supplements, vitamins or herbs are ok. Certain common OTC drugs including advil, aspirin, aleve and motrin can cause bleeding complications so you should not take these before surgery but there are also herbs and other supplements that are contraindicated as well, such as garlic and ginko biloba. Be sure to discuss ALL supplements with your doctor in preparing for surgery.

Also, the use of Vitamin E cream around the surgery site for as long as possible prior to surgery can help create healthier skin for healing. In addition, massaging the oil in every day stimulates better circulation in the area. However, you should always check with your doctor before doing anything at all around the surgery area. Vitamin E should not be taken internally before surgery because of it's effect on platelets and bleeding but is excellent to start taking the day after your surgery, provided your doctor agrees.

Spiritual Preparation Before Surgery: Below are some tips that may help you prepare for surgery, from a spiritual perspective. These tips may actually impact your outcome from surgery as well as your recovery.

Tell Your Body What's Coming: I read a fascinating book years ago. I believe the title was "Your body hears every word you say" and it talked about how the body exhibits cellular response to our thoughts and spoken words. This may sound bizarre, or even crazy, but there have been studies done where cellular tissue was removed from a person, place in another room and monitored as the person from whom the tissue was removed ate a breath mint. Cellular activity increased as the mint was unwrapped and kept increasing until the mint was actually tasted.

To inform your body of what is coming, begin by placing your hands over the areas where the surgery will occur, and informing your cells that you are preparing for a healing that will involve surgery, is very helpful. The body can be shocked by the unexpected and spending time to inform your cells of what's coming is very good. There is an intelligence in every cell that can respond to your programming so program in your desired result for the surgery, including rapid healing after surgery.

Get healing work: If you are open to energetic healing before your surgery, it can be a true blessing. Though most of us might think the time for this would be after the surgery, it is actually quite calming and reassuring to the whole system to get energetic work beforehand too. Getting a Reiki session, or some other type of energetic healing work, prior to surgery, is a wonderful way to reduce stress, clear the mind of fears, increase your capacity to pray strong and clear prayers, and help your body prepare for the trauma that surgical procedures inflict on the body. During the session, you can visualize yourself coming out of anesthesia, after the surgery, and hearling the doctor tell you that surgery was a complete success and you are doing great.

Pray for your doctors: Take time to also pray for your doctors, nurses, and other vital hospital staff. Visualize them being guided spiritually to accurate, safe, quick surgical decisions that result in the optimal outcome for you. Connect with their higher selves and oversoul group and ask for further help in guiding them throughout your surgery. Of particular power is thanksgiving after such a prayer. Visualize the face of your doctor after the surgery, and thank him for doing such a wonderful job on your behalf.

Find beauty in the present: Fear of an impending surgery can stress your entire body system, every single cell in your body as well as your organs, nervous system, digestive system, eliminatory system and blood. An excellent way to help the body release fear is to practice finding beauty in the present moment. Just by constantly looking around you and finding something interesting, or something of beauty, to focus your attention toward, can help release fear thoughts. It could be as simple as a color you like, a picture that is peaceful, the smile if a loved one, etc.

Enlist Spirit Helpers: We are surrounded by those of other realms who stand ready to help us with our challenges but they wait for the request. Enlist the help of your guides, oversoul group, guardian angels, and the God of your Knowing. At times in my own life when I have been engulfed by negativity, fear, pain or confusion to the point where my own knowing is obscured, I call on every being through all time and space who is of love and light and willing to help me. Not everyone utilizes their guides so someone, somewhere, that you don't even know about might be willing to help out.

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Health Care Disclaimer: The information contained in this spiritual article about preparing for surgery and healing after surgery is not intended to take the place of personal medical advice. Please consult with your doctor on all aspects of preparing for and healing from surgery in the best way.