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Detoxing, Weight Loss, Body Wraps. Other Topics include nutrition, weight loss and colon health.


Thanks for visiting the Ask a Healer Holistic Wellbeing Library and hope that you find something here that will assist you in realizing more vibrant health and vitality. I have practiced natural healing and holistic wellbeing for my own health most of my life. I am not a doctor and do not diagnose or prescribe.

I caution you, if under a doctors care for any known medical condition, that you ALWAYS check with your doctor before adding anything new to your health regimen. You'd be amazed at the bizarre interactions that can occur when natural remedies (or even foods) and prescription drugs combine. For example, Aloe Vera Juice is one of the most healing substances on earth but if you drink it before a colonoscopy, it can discolor the colon wall and make diagnosis more difficult.

More on side effects with nutritional supplements

I am almost to the point of just saying choose one approach and stick with it. et, I realize there are many cases where a natural remedy or adjunctive therapy has proven beneficial so I stop short of saying a person can never blend natural remedies and prescription drugs. The important thing is to educate yourself fully, and be in constant communication with your doctor. It isn't just important, it's vital and could save your life.

Detox, Nutrition and Weightloss
Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Subliminals for Weight Loss

Appetite Suppression Program

Food and Health Six-part article on diet and health > nutritional complacency > our changing diet > effects of cooking > beneficial enough? > traditional vs modern

What do you suggest for healthy weight loss? There are so many different diets, weight loss programs and fitness programs, how do you ever sort out the bunk from the good stuff?
Weight Loss Factors: The role of cleansing, enzymes and stress reduction in reaching your optimal weight.
Susan Powter Live Motivational tapes from Susan Powter on fitness, weight loss and health.

The Body Wraps for Weight Loss Series:
Do Body Wraps Really Work? How can an herbal wrap of any kind result in losing 15 to 20 inches in an hour? And does that weight loss stay off or is it temporary? Are some body wraps better than others?
Body Wrap Kits Looking for body wrap kits to do at home? Here are some good ones.
Succeeding with Body Wraps Tips for getting optimal inch loss and weight loss benefits from mineral, infrared or herbal body wraps.
What about Infrared Heat and Enzymes Some spas offer infrared heat wraps that can be done without removing clothes; others offer enzyme body wraps featuring the digestive enzyme lipase.
Herbs to Use for Wrapping What are some of the common herbs which provide beneficial effects in body-wraps?
Your Body Wrap Experience: What should you expect if you get wrapped? Do body wraps help with weight loss?
What is a steam canopy? Is a steam canopy better than a traditional bodywrap?
Separating Hype from Reality Body wraps work if you know the truth about how to utilize them. Body-wrap facts.

Colon Health Series:
Are gas and bloating side effects of detoxing? I want to detox but I can't stand the flatulence. Is gas and bloating envitable whenever you do a colon cleanse? Is bloating normal during a detox or a sign that something is wrong?
What is considered healthy stool? How do I know if my bowel movements are normal? How often should a person have a bowel movement?
When is stool abnormal? What should I be concerned about seeing in my stool?
What causes chronic constipation? How can chronic constipation be relieved?
Colon cankering - Causes of colon inflammation What causes colon pain and intestinal distress and what can be done to help develop better colon health? Should I do a colon cleanse?
What are the side effects of a colon cleanse? I want to do a colon cleanse but I'm concerned about what to expect. I have to work but don't know if I can do a cleanse and keep working or if I'll have to keep running to the bathroom. What are the common side effects of a cleanse?
What do you suggest for those suffering from celiac sprue? Is celiac sprue caused by wheat? Are there ways to help the body resolve allergies and intestinal distress?
How do you know what type of detoxing you need? I know I probably need a detox but I'm confused because there are so many different kinds. Should a person do all of them?
additional health information on detoxing and cleansing

Health Practices to Reduce Detox Symptoms If you have ever allowed your body to get toxic and then detoxed, you have discovered the dreaded healing crisis. There are simple practices you can implement so that doing your annual cleanses are not so stressful for you.
Choosing from a plethora of detox programs It is enough to make your hair hurt. You stand in front of the detox section in your local health food store and watch your own mind boggle at the options. How to choose?