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Working as a Healer Series
Vibrational Healing Facilitation

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The Healing Journey Series

Introduction to Healing, for the new Healer

by Ask a Healer

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Disclaimer: I do not call myself a healer anymore. I had a paradigm shift around the entire idea a few years ago. If you want to know where I've ended up, after decades of work as a healer, skip to the space between things.

God is the healer ... and ... The person standing in witness of the other is most often referred to and still considered a "healer". Working as a healer, for most, involves this relationship with another. This intro class is for those who believe they are called to establish that sort of relationship with another and who believe their vibrational healing facilitation gifts might be opening up. However, the class may also prove helpful to those who are just starting out in energetic healing and seeking help for balancing in what can be challenging energetic spaces.

Topics covered in the Healing Joureny include general information about Reiki therapy, for those who might be unfamiliar. Reiki is often one of the first healing modalities a new healer explores and I find it a great foundation for all other modalities.

The remainder of the series will cover different aspects of your mental/emotional/spiritual balance that may be effected by your choices now, some important information from my own experience about healing with spiritual integrity as well as covering important aspects of staying stable and sane within what can sometimes be radical energy fields. For example, I cover grounding so that you are able to stay focused and clear when energy shifts may be significant, as well as learning how to facilitate healing free of energy transference.

I don't shy away from difficult subjects either. For example, at some point in your healing facilitation practice, you will be assisting someone who is either repressed sexually, or who may have been abused. In both cases, there may come a time when kundalini energies are present and must be addressed. Learning how to handle a Kundalini Awakening is important for the new healer.

Other topics addressed in this series include reclaiming the inner child, embracing and claiming gifts from the shadow self and how to work with those seeking physical pain relief, without losing sight of the fact that non-physical aspects may be just as important as pain relief. Addressing mental, emotional and spiritual imbalance may need to happen before pain goes and it's part of the role of the facilitator to shine light on that truth for their partner in healing.

I began my personal journey, working as a healer, back around 1992. After a transformative six-month integrative breathwork series, it became apparent that assisting others in this specific way was part of my spiritual path. You may have come here because you realize that it is part of your path as well.

Actually, I was brought into this awareness that I was to work as a healer at least a decade before I actually stepped on that path of service. I had a lot of personal healing to do first. I still remember sitting in an orientation lecture before receiving my ordination (sometime in the 80's) and hearing Rosalyn Bruyere tell me that my choice to become ordained meant that Spirit would use me in new ways. I didn't know how true those words would be. Whenever we make a choice to connect more fully with others in a way that is "in service", we are asking Spirit to use us in new ways. And believe me, Spirit WILL.

I've almost eliminated the words "in service" in my own vocabulary. The duality within the basic idea became less and less aligned with where my soul was leading me. I began to use the words "in witness". Nowadays, that also has more duality in it than I savor. Whatever words you want to wrap around your own decision to step on the path of the healer, notice how they inform your work.

I pray you will receive benefit from the Healing Journey Class and want you to know that energetic support, love and light were embedded in it's creation and are available for you to receive. Read over all the infomation and meditate on the different areas that your choice may open up in your life. In addition, if you desire total benefit, open yourself to the energetic frequencies resonated within the words.

You may find that your own personality issues, ego struggles, and mental/emotional imbalances may flare up either in mild form or greatly, as you begin the path toward working as a healer. It is necessary. Once you have chosen to move ahead in your spiritual path, Universal Life Force energy will swiftly begin to reveal all areas where your own deeper level healing must first occur. Therefore, it's a good idea to spend time in meditation and prayer and not to fall into the trap of thinking that these temporary flushings and flare ups are indicative of any kind of failure on your part. They are, in fact, indicative of successful progress and should be treated as such. There is no place in this process for guilt, shame, negative self-talk or self-anger.

In other words, self-flagellation is definitely not required when these ego struggles emerge unless that's something you just feel you must personally experience. In fact, the opposite may be true. Recognizing that humanity and ego may be stretched, cleansed, refined as with fire and yet, embrace itself lovingly thru whatever comes as a result of the decision to come more fully into your own beingness. It is possible to embrace and love yourself in the midst of any struggles you experience as you learn to walk more impeccably. I've personally found that, to the extent I'm able stay out of self-judgment, comparison or resistance to my own experience, my journey has more flow, grace and ease.

It has also been vital that I am clear about my own code of living. I strive for impeccable behavior and my definition of what constitutes impeccable living may be different than yours. However you define the imppecable, it's something to strive for as a healing facilitator.

When you are ready, here's the link to Healing Journey Lesson Two: Reiki as a Healing Modality

Suggested Spiritual Practice Noticing when my mind starts to argue with someone else's truth and choosing to shift to active listening from a space of acceptance, tolerance and love.

Healing Disclaimer: Energetic and Vibrational healing is not represented as any type of replacement for medical evaluation, treatment or testing. There is more and more evidence to support the value of faith in healing. Science is supporting this idea that we are all connected, now more than ever. I hope to see the day in this lifetime, where science and faith can find common ground for the good of all.