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Does Distance Healing Really Work?
Assessing Effects of Energetic Healing

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Does healing at a distance really work? How do you know if a distant healing actually is what made the difference?


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What is distant healing?

Distance healing is a process where a spiritual healing facilitator will connect with a person some distance from them, as opposed to in-person sessions, and will send vibrational energy to help facilitate healing. This spiritual healing question is about whether it is important to feel the healing as it is occurring, whether in-person or in a distance healing situation. In other words, does it matter what you feel during, before or after you get a healing?

What if you get a healing and you feel no different than before?

Question on spiritual healing: I am interested in distance healing but I wonder how it works and how you know it is working. I have gone for a healing by the elders of my church at two different times. I did not feel a healing. The two elders put a touch of oil on my forehead and prayed. Nothing ever came of this and I do not know why. Can you tell me more about distance healing?

Healing Facilitation Response: What you described with the elders of your church is not distant healing. I am assuming you are asking two different questions. I'll answer the question about in-person healings and then follow with more about distant healing.

There are many levels to healing. Some healing journeys start very deep within, and may initially create little stir on the outer awareness. In fact, it may take time for you to integrate the healing that has been offered and your body may be keeping those healing energies just outside your physical body until the deeper, more spiritual shifts that are necessary for true healing to occur, have happened.

Rest assured that if you went with a sincere heart and were willing to receive healing, then your healing was set in motion from your sincere action and reaching out for help.

Our medical community fosters this sort of "fix it quick" mentality with super-antibiotics and heavy duty pain pills, sleep pills, temporary fixes for indigestion, sinus problems, etc. As a result, many of us have come to equate healing with an absense of symptoms. True healing could more appropriately be defined as an absense of symptoms still left to be masked or temporarily relieved.

A spiritual healer recognizes that the most important healing is spiritual, mental and emotional and that the easing of symptoms such as pain are secondary. In fact, your body will not permanently release pain signals until whatever is causing the imbalance is corrected at the core.

This is why so many stay on antacids, sleeping pills and nerve pills for years but are still not well. The core issues have not been addressed. So, be patient and trust that the healing will unfold just in the right way and time for you to handle it best in your life.

What about distant healing?
Sending healing energy distant, when you are not in the room with the person asking for healing support, can be just as powerful as an in-person session but for a lot of people, there is something important about personal contact. I think in-person healing helps the person feel more safe and also creates a stronger connection to the energy if the person who needs healing can see who they are working with.

A possible exception would be in cases of inner child healing. Sometimes, the physical presence of the healer is vital to creating what I call safe and sacred space. Sometimes, the mind gets in the way of a distant healing but, other than those differences, the energy is exactly the same and just as powerful in a distance healing session than in person.

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Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The information contained in the alternative health care / spiritual healing questions posted here should not be construed as replacement for personal medical advice from your health care professional. Energetic healing has been around since ancient times. Hard to believe anything lasts that long if it's just a placebo effect. Explore energetic healing at your own pace and consult with your own trusted spiritual advisors regarding your path to wellness. Having said that, let us also say that this information on spiritual healing is not presented as substitute for needed medical attention.