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What those who have made it have to say to those who want to make it!


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What I Learned in Hollywood

Picking a Monologue

The Creative Moments Series emerged from a thought I had one day .... I wanted to interview folks who had succeeded in some aspect of creative endeavor yet I knew I did not have the time or energy to develop full-blown interviews. Also, most of the folks I wanted to contact wouldn't have time to answer a bunch of questions either.

Creative Moments:
Then, I got the idea for just asking two questions, questions that I felt might cut to the core of what a creatively inspired person might want to know. Basically, I asked the questions I myself would have wanted answers to, when I was starting out. I hope that others in creative fields may also appreciate the responses. You'll notice that the two questions change from person to person, because I'm contacting creative folks in different areas of creative expression, from writers to actors to directors to .... anybody actively involved in the performing arts or creative arts.

My first creative moments interview was with Gary Marsh (of Breakdown Services, not Disney, although I'd love to interview that Gary Marsh as well). Gary was gracious and, even more amazingly, accessible. I'm always amazed and delighted when I find someone in Hollywood who is well-known and yet, still accessible. I was just thrilled with Gary's openness and willingness to participate.

Since that first interview with Gary, I've had wonderful response from others I respect in the business including one of my favorite acting teachers, Stephen Tobolowsky. I fell a little in love with Mr. Tobolowsky when I took his improv class in Burbank, California. The tales he could weave... oh, and all the delicious acting knowledge bubbling effortlessly out of him.

Another valued person from my time in Los Angeles is my friend, Writer/Director/Producer Maggie TerryViale. Maggie has more drive and love of the craft of putting together the elements of creative expression than almost anyone I know.

More Creative Moments:
Meg Lansaw

Del Shores

Tim Ross

Jayne Morgan

Who Do You Want Me To Interview Next?
OK, let me know who you want me to spend some creative moments with and I'll seek 'em out. I believe we learn the most from those with actual life experience in the areas where we want to excel. By asking a few questions, from those successful folks nice enough to answer them, we can glean wisdom that can't be gotten in books. Just click the contact link at the top of this page for my email and let me know. I'll do my best. You may enjoy the video interview others have done with Fincannon Casting

Cosmic Casting Office Now Open
Lest you be disappointed, note that the cosmic casting office is NOT a bricks and morter business and I'm not accepting headshots or resumes... it's a wish list of films I want to see made and actors I want to see in them. It's satisfying my imagination.

I'd love to be a casting director. I think that might be one of the most fun jobs in the world, despite also being very stressful. So, what job worth it's salt doesn't have stress. Acting certainly isn't without it. I just love the whole idea of seeing the sculpture within the marble. The casting director has to see the character that's in the script, within the right actor. It isn't enough to be good, a role needs to be captured in the body, voice and mind of the actor. For me, the fun would be in seeing who can bring the statue forth from the marble (words on a page, from a script the auditioning actor rarely gets to read in complete form).