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Baltic Amber for Chronic Pain
Personal Review with Carpal Tunnel

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Ask a Healer Recommmends Baltic Amber from Hazelaid

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Ask a Healer Review of Baltic Amber for Pain and Inflammation

My sister told me about Baltic Amber from Hazelaid. Although I've been a natural wellness counselor for decades, I still occasionally hear about something I didn't come across before and this was such a case. Baltic Amber was new to me. On my sister's recommendation, I ordered the bracelets immediately and they came quickly, which surprised me as I'm in the states and they shipped from Canada.

Now, the reason my sister even mentioned the baltic amber was because she knew I was having terrible wrist pain at the time. The carpal tunnel area, the ulnar nerve area and the cubital area were all severely swollen and extremely painful. This kind of flare up wasn't new to me and often happened after I had to drive for any length of time or had to do a lot of typing.

My sis had recently heard about baltic amber for inflammation and was just passing along the info and I jumped on the chance that it might help me. By the time my bracelets had arrived, the wrist pain had already subsided, but I had a bit trip ahead of me and wanted the bracelets to see if they would help with driving because that was when the wrist pain normally flared.

I got my bracelets on the afternoon of October 8, 2016 and put them on immediately, in the car, before I ever drove up to the garage. I had been through a horrific, painful week of wrist pain (carpal tunnel, ulna and cubicle areas all in excruciating pain for days) and chronic neck pain that flared up at the same time. I got little sleep and it was like having a toothache in both arms.

Day One: The neck pain was still very much present and still excruciating. I didn't notice relief much at first. An hour or two passed and I began to feel some interesting twinges in my wrists. I'm familiar with retracing so I didn't panic and think, oh the bracelets are making it all worse. In addition to familiar sensations in ulna, cubital tunnel and carpal tunnel areas, I also felt these weird shooting pains that felt like the firing of nerve endings. I let it be for a few more hours and noticed the pain would move around, back and forth, into the different areas.

When I went to bed, I began my nightly ritual of trying to find a comfortable position where my neck would not hurt. I typically toss and turn quite a bit before the Valerian kicks in and I finally sleep. Last night, I noticed that each time I would turn, my neck would pop. This is HIGHLY unusual as I normally can't pop my neck without effort and even then, the relief is incredibly short-lived. Each time my neck spontaneously popped, I noticed more relief and each level of relief stayed rather than being short-lived like before.

Eventually, I could turn my head almost all the way to the right without the normal pain down my neck to my shoulders. I still had some right at the base of the skull but usually, it goes from there all the way to the mid-back where the shoulder blade attaches. This was more relief that I've had in years, except immediately after a chiropractic adjustment or a really good massage.

Day Two: The next day, I still enjoyed a much improved neck situations but the nagging pains in the wrists continued. They didn't get any worse though. Last night, I had a bit of fitful night. It was really strange. Even though my neck wasn't hurting, I was ultra-aware of it. After a while, I realized I was experiencing the misalignment and the deterioration of one disk for the first time without the inflammation and pain that usually accompanied it.

In other words, I was feeling my neck without swelling and pain and sensing the misalignment very differently. I have a sense that keeping the inflammation down might allow my neck to naturally begin to heal itself over time. This is my hope. As for my wrists, there was still pain there but the pain was also different. The areas that are typically swollen and or knotted are not swollen and they are softer, not completely normal but much more so. I feel like I'm experiencing those areas differently as well.

Day Three: The nagging ache in my wrists is gone! It's just gone. I continue to experience sweet relief from neck pain as well.

Update and conclusion: After a little over a week wearing two baltic amber bracelets, one on each wrists, I am absolutely convinced that they reduce inflammation on a consistent basis. Most recently, I had a good test when I had to drive 3 1/2 hours one way for a job and then a good bit of inner city driving for a couple of days before driving back home. Normally, I would have been in pain from the beginning and in a lot of pain by the time I drove 3 1/2 hours. Not only would both wrists have been hurting and developing knots but my neck would have been screaming, and my left hip. None of this happened. I made the trip with less pain and discomfort that I ever remember. Pain on driving has just been something I thought I might have to live with forever. It's been an awesome discovery, finding out that baltic amber is a viable, true solution.

Word of Caution:I can tell you that there are a lot of companies selling what they call baltic amber that is, in fact, cobal or other blends. I can ONLY attest to the effectiveness of the products sold by Hazelaid so those are the only ones I can recommend. I do highly recommend them.

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Health Disclaimer: Baltic Amber is not presented as replacement for any needed medical attention, testing or evaluation you may also need. The natural properties of baltic amber may be helpful those who deal with chronic inflammation but are not represented as replacement for medication that may be prescribed by your doctor.

Review Disclosure: I was not paid to write this review. I tried the baltic amber (I started with just two of the honey amber bracelets and my results with those are what is covered in this review) and had very positive results. I had already written this review when I received a free necklace so you may rest assured that the information in this review is unbiased and my true experience with the products, as pertains to the chronic carpal tunnel pain and neck pain I've had for years. I think baltic amber is awesome!

Hazelaid Baltic Amber Review Reviewed by Ask a Healer. Hazelaid Baltic Amber Jewelry My review of baltic amber for pain and inflammation.