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Kris' Korner - Welcome to my Home!

My site has moved. Please see the new site at Kris' Korner. KRIS' KORNER!!

I'm delighted to have you here in my home!
Below, please click on the room you would like to visit!

Click here to visit my *NEW* "HolidayClub" page!

The holidays aren't that far away and I bet you have lots of gifts to buy for your friends and family! I've put together a "HolidayClub" page which lists my Daily Schedule for doing the many Rewards Programs out there. Let me help you earn at least $50/month (and up to several HUNDRED DOLLARS *EVERY* month!)for the next 6 months so that you can work towards a totally FREE (or nearly FREE!) Holiday Season!

Over 5 million NEW books discounted 50-80%!!
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Shipping is close to book rate and the quality of the books is excellent because they are new books!
I guarantee you will find great books at bargain prices!
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If you are interested in learning how to earn CA$H or gift certificates by participating in various online programs, then you *MUST* visit my Rewards Programs page. These various programs are easy, not very time-consuming, and I'm here to help you get the most out of them! Email me if you have questions!

The attic is where I store my "treasures"...those wonderful websites I have found and want to share with you! This is basically my "catch-all" page where I've listed sites in the following areas: education, simple living, religion/inspirational, internet hoax information and children's sites (educational & fun places to visit!)

Have you every heard of Once-a-Month Cooking or Freezer Cooking? If not, youíll want to check out my pages discussing this time- and money-saving method of providing healthy, homemade meals for your family on a daily basis. If youíve heard of OAMC, you still will want to check out the pages for listings of books and websites related to this topic. I may have some new information for you! Click on the title to read my review of The Freezer Cooking Manual by The 30 Day Gourmets. Enter my dining room where I will share my experience with OAMC with you!

The exercise room is where you can read my Weigh Down Diet Journal. I will share my ups and downs as God helps me reach the weight He thinks I should be. Join me in my journey through the Desert of Testing as I travel to the Promised Land!

I invite you into my family room where I will share with you the story of our family's pursuit of "simple living" and "simple abundance." For me, this means seeking God's plan for our lives. It means that I look around me in wonder at all the blessings my LORD has given me and I do not hunger for the material things I do not have (but think I need!) because God provides all that I need to live here comfortably on earth!

Return to my homepage where you can find information about my webrings, awards and where I got my graphics for this site!

My kitchen is "the heart of the home." Here I will share with you excerpts from a great book, Mrs. Sharp's Traditions: Nostalgic Suggestions for Re-Creating the Family Celebrations and Seasonal Pastimes of the Victorian Home. This book has been out of print for quite a while and it took me almost two years to find a copy of it! I know many Charlotte Mason followers are looking for this book and since I have a copy, I want to share it with you! The book is laid out monthly so I hope to see you in my kitchen at the beginning of each month so that I can share with you listings of activities and ideas to make each month a memorable one for your family!

Our library is where you can learn more about the best sites for purchasing new and used books on the web! I have a fairly extensive list of sites you won't want to miss! If you have a used book website and are not on the list, be sure to email me and I will be very happy to add your site to the list. If you know of a site that should be included, email me that information, too!

To go along with my quest for a simpler life (read my story here), I am constantly looking for ways to stretch our budget. On these pages, Iíll share with you some ways my family tries to cut expenses. Youíll also be able to view listings of books and websites related to the topic of frugal and simple living. Enter my office so that I can share my Frugal & Simple Living Hints with you!

The schoolroom is where I will give you basic information on the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling. It contains many links to other Charlotte Mason-related websites and a listing of books that are useful in homeschooling using the CM method.

I use this list to share information about new "reward" programs I find.
I also send updates about programs of which I'm currently a member.
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