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Commander Beverley Crusher Chief Medical Officer

ships she has served on

Cheif medical officer aboard the Enterprise-D. Crusher was born as Beverly Howard in 2324, and graduated from medical school in 2350. She was at the Arvada III colony, and helped her grandmother, Felisa Howard care for the survivors of that terrible tragedy. Although her grandmother was not a physician, she taught Beverly much about the medicinal uses of herbs and roots to help care for the sick and wounded after regular medical supplies had been exhausted. Beverly was introduced to her future husband, Starfleet officer Jack Crusher, by their mutual friend Walker Keel. She married Jack in 2348, and they had a child, Wesley, the following year. As a young married couple, Beverly and her husband Jack spent a great deal of time with Jean-Luc Picard. She did not learn until many years later, that Picard had fallen in love with her, but he didn't act on his feelings in order to not betray his friend. Crusher did her internship on planet Delos IV under the tutelage of Dr. Delan Quaice in 2352. Following her husband's death in 2354, Beverly continued to pursue her Starfleet career, attaining the position of CMO aboard the Enterprise-D in 2364. Crusher left the Enterprise-D in 2365 to accept a position as head of Starfleet Medical, but returned to the ship a year later, and was reunited with her son, Wesley.