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Compatible and Incompatible Signs of Virgo

Virgo and Aries:

This combination is certainly not the "happy-ever-after" affair. Mercury-ruled Virgo will not take kindly to bossy, dictatorial Aries(Mars), and the impulsive, fiery Aries would soon become dissatisfied with the prissy, critical Virgo. A difficult

Virgo and Taurus:

Taurus is apt to have a love-at-first-sight attack for Virgo, but Taurus does not like criticism, which is usably Virgo's strongest weapon. Taurus can be stubborn as the Bull and Virgo will be inclined to do a lot of nagging and push the Taurus mate into a fury.

Virgo and Gemini:

Though both these Signs have the same ruler--Mercury--this combination may prove too much for both over the long run.Mercury in Gemini is logical; in Virgo it is demanding and critical. There are some points of compatibility between these two--the love of good clothes, neatness, and mutual desire for friends and associates who are in artistic and intellectual pursuits. It is through these channels that many Gemini-Virgo combinations are formed.

Virgo and Cancer:

The demanding Virgo may be very disturbing to the Cancer's desire for quiet contentment. Virgo is apt to be too realistic. Sentimental Cancer is reticent--even shy--in sex matters. This will probably frustrate Virgo and cause him to harshly criticize and nag. Only those who are on the highest planes would find this a compatible union.

Virgo and Leo:

This could be a very happy combination, since each seems to have what the other needs and wants. Warm-hearted Leo will be likely to overlook Virgo's sharp tendencies and Virgo will regard the Leo mate's accomplishments with pride. Leo's good humor and lovable traits will do much to melt any Virgo coolness.

Virgo and Virgo:

It would be difficult indeed for these two to find anything resembling compatibility. The traits of each here would make for a battle of wits with the opponents evenly matched. At best it would be a commonplace marriage, with the possibility of each talking each other to distraction.

Virgo and Libra:

This is another combination that would have trouble finding mutual grounds for marital bliss. If it is one thing Libra cannot take it is criticism, and, Virgo is a champion in that department. Virgo is very meticulous in all matters pertaining to detail, while Libra is easygoing and detests detail. The conflict of interest will cause storm signals after the sex novelty has worn

Virgo and Scorpio:

This combination usually belongs to the mutual admiration society. The exploringVirgo mind is fascinated with the mysterious and intriguing Scorpio. If there is any Sign that can curb Virgo's tendency to sulk, it is Scorpio. If Virgo will avoid hurting Scorpio's pride, this combination will be happy and enduring.

Virgo and Sagittarius:

The Sagittarius love of freedom and change may prove too much for the meticulous Virgo disposition. The Virgo's spic-and-span appearance intrigues Sagittarius, but once married Sagittarius may find he got more than he bargained for. One thing that Sagittarius can't stand is bickering--and Virgo thrives on it.

Virgo and Capricorn:

There are points of similarity and compatibility in these two Signs. They are both very exacting. This eliminates man areas of disagreement. They both have great pride in appearance and surroundings. This Mercury-Saturn combination should find mutual ground for an agreeable partnership.

Virgo and Aquarius:

Aquarius may hold too many surprises for the conservative Virgo nervous system to cope with. This is an elaborate combination to analyze. Much depends on the cultural and educational levels of the partners. If there is a marked difference between the two, the chances for a happy and enduring marriage are almost nil. However, if both parties happen to be college sweethearts, or do the same sort of work, chances for a happy marriage are greatly enhanced. This combination is either very good or very bad--no happy medium here.

Virgo and Pisces:

Pisces is the exact opposite of Virgo. In the Zodiac they are 180 degrees apart. While opposing Signs are considered astrologically unfavorable, opposites often find much compatibility. Sometimes, contrast makes for interest, and in Virgo and
Pisces the contrast is very marked. It will take patience and understanding on the part of Virgo to cope with the moody, sentimental nature of Pisces. A little sentimentality will go a long way in making this combination happy; however, a little sentimentality is a dangerous thing.

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