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We are starting a new page,it will contain names and information of present and past Harlan county residents,only information such as name,(maiden & married) where born ,school attended, where you now live,etc. include a photo if you like. NO ADDRESSES or Phone numbers will be listed, if you would like to be listed just eamil me with your information, please specify if you wish your email address included .

Harlan County residents,Past and Present

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Our Country Music Page

Old Southern Gospel Music
An old Coalminers carbide lamp

Three Point , KY. in the wintertime

Your own Photo CD-Click Here
Susan Pope (Smith) Photo Page
Old 2-room school at Smith, KY. in early 1900's
Some Photographs and other articles we are making available to the public
Flow Gently Sweet Afton (song)
The old Yancy coal tipple in 1949
HallHigh school football team in 1950-1952
Hallhigh school Choral Group performing in 1952
Photo of HallHigh school graduating class of 1953
A Baptism in the Mighty Cumberland River in the wintertime of 1946
Black Mountain (Kenvir) Theatre about 1942>
Black Mountain (Kenvir) Grade School and Post Office
Old Black Mountain (Kenvir) Hospital
Black Mountain (Kenvir)Grade School Basketball Team
Missionary Baptist Church, Chevrolet, Kentucky
WebSite of Elcomb Grade School
Harlan county's coalminers memorial monument ( With names- 1913 thru 2000 )
A new Harlan County KY. Photo Album
Company store of Clover Gap Mine Company
Click Here Three Point , KY. coalmining pictures
Click Here to see pictures of Crummies Creek, KY. coalminers
Click Here Kenvir, KY. coalmines
Seven miners die in Black Mountain Coal Company's mine at Kenvir, KY.
Click Here Harlan county, KY. coal miner
Click for 1943 mine explosion at Three Point, KY
Click Here for Three Point, KY. coal mining camp
Click Here Pictures of the 1963 flood in Harlan. KY.
Click Here for coal mine at Crummies Creek, KY.
Click Here listen to see a family coalmine in Harlan County, KY.
Click Here for more 1963 Harlan Flood pictures
Click Here Three Point, Ky coalminers group photo
Click Here Southeastern , KY. census information
Click Here to see coal miner Blaine Sargent with his family
Click Here to listen to Country Music
Click Here for photos at Yancy in Harlan County, KY
Harlan Kentucky in the early years, about 1940
Evarts Kentucky in 1946
Another picture of Evarts Kentucky in 1946
Click Here for a photo of Rev. John G. Fletcher
Click Here for some very good stories of Harlan county in the old days
Click Here to learn how to make your own Buttermilk at home
Click Here, for a FREE recipe, you'll love this one
This old railroad engine with crew was photographed in Harlan in 1921
Click Here, for some early Harlan County, KY marriages
Click Here, for more early Harlan County, KY. marriages
Click Here, for a photo of Lynch, KY. from 60 years ago
A Moonshine still in the Harlan County hills
Some Coal Company (money) scrip
Lynch Kentucky in the wintertime about 1940
Lynch Kentucky Elementary School in 1946
Lejunior Elementary School in 1956
Lejunior Baptist Church in 1941
Sunday School Class at Lejunior Baptist Church in 1941
Yocum Creek Missionary Baptist Church
And The Old Draper Baptist Church
Old Lynch Kentucky Company Store
A more recent picture of up town Harlan. kentucky
Clover Fork Coal Compamy's Old Company Store at Kitts. KY. as it looks today
Cawood Kentucky Elementary School about 1942-3
Cawood Kentucky Elementary School Class in the 1950's
Cawood Kentucky Elementary School Graduating Class in the 1950's
Cawood Kentucky Elementary School Basketball team in the 1940's
L&N RailRoad workers photographed in 1920
Friendship Baptist Church, Cawood, KY., photo and pastors for past 50 years listed
The New Friendship Baptist Church, Cawood, KY.
1830 Lee county Va. census Page 1 Abshire thru Green
1830 Lee county Va census Page 2 Griems thru Adam Smith
1830 Lee county Va. census Page 3 Alexander Smith thru Williams
Harlan County's Honor Roll,Army & Army Air Corp, men and women killed in WWII
Harlan County's Korean War Honor Roll, lest we forget
A Harlan County native and her unusual hobby
Brookside, Kentucky
Loretta Lynn's Butcher Holler Home
A treat for you, "The Harlan County Ramblers (bluegrass band)about 1983
Crummies Creek School basketball team, 1953/54
Crummies creek School Rhythm Band in 1940
Crummies Creek School teachers, sept. 1956
Hall High senior class 1960, senior trip to Washington
Hall High Basketball Team Picture with names, possibly 1958-59 class
Bardo Kentucky Coal Miners in 1940
Hall High School class of 1958 senior trip picture
Crummies Creek, KY. coalminers night shift, April 5, 1940
More Crummies Creek, KY second shift miners
Crummies Creek, KY. Motor Men Crew , April 8, 1940
This photo made at Lynch, KY. Jan. 28, 1918 during the 1918 flood
See this old chair made by Harlan county Native Calvin Howard a hundred years ago.
Evarts High School HomePage in Harlan County, KY.
U.S. Navy ship the USS Harlan County
Harlan County, KY. Coalmining Monument at Baxter, KY
The old L&N Railroad depot at Harlan, Kentucky in the early 1940's
A few old Harlan County School Records from the 1940's
This photo made at Cawood, in Harlan county in winter of 1945
The old Hall high buildings as they look today
Check out this new site, The Cawood School 1951-52 Yearbook

Some of the original land owners at Smith, Kentucky
The old Presbyterian Church at Smith, Kentucky
1949-50 Freshman class at Hall High School
Our new 2001 calendar
1825 map of Tennessee and Kentucky
The Crummies creek bath house converted to a church,photo by Pam Williams
The old Crummies Creek company store, photo by Pam Williams
A Beautiful photo of Martins Fork Lake, photo made by Carolyn Langford
Click Here Hall High Class of 1966 photo

Some very old maps ans blank certificates for sale
NEW!, Yearbook for all Harlan County High Schools, students, teachers and alumn

visit our new guestmap if you have internet Explorer 5.0 or later and find your town and leave a message or photo

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