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A new webmistres! Mwahahaaa!!

The Incessant Ramblings of Rufus and the Turks

Reno: This is getting irritating. I don't like having you as a new webmistress. You SUCK.

chibi: I suck? Why the HELL would you think that? I basically give you all free run of the place while I work on the Abyss! You get all the beer you want, a big screen TV, a constant supply of junkfood, and I let you beat up Rufus whenever you feel like it!

Rufus: ::grumblemuttergrumble::

Reno: Yeah, but you refuse to lose at cards!

chibi: Hey, YOU wanted to play strip poker. Off with the boxers, buddy.

Reno: I demand a replay of that last hand.

Elena: Reno, you've played the hand over sixteen times! Face it, you lost the boxers!

Reno: My, aren't we in a hurry to see me in my birthday suit.

Tifa: Oh please! No self respecting female would want to see YOU naked!

chibi: Well-

Yuffie: I know. There are way hotter guys around here than you, Reno. You're definitely not that high on anybody's list.

chibi: Actually-

Aeris: Not unless they're desperate, anyway.

chibi: Hey now! I-

Elena: So why don't you just keep your rotten boxers and get out of the game since you suck?

chibi: I love being ignored. Really, I do.

Reno: I suck? *I* suck? Let's go talk to Tseng if we want to find out about people sucking, hm Elena?

chibi: ::draws a little face on her hand:: Hello, Mr. Hand. You won't ignore me, right?

Elena: ::stands up and slams her hands on the table:: And exactly what is THAT supposed to mean, Mr. I-Slept-With-Scarlet-And-LIKED-It?

chibi: ::in a funny voice, as Mr. Hand:: Of course I'm going to ignore you. There's a decent argument going on here if you didn't notice.

Tifa: Scarlet? SCARLET? Oh ew ew ew ew ew!

Aeris: God, that's almost as bad as YUFFIE!

chibi: Why you ungrateful little... I gave you life!

Yuffie: Excuse me little Miss Saccharine Coated Twit?

Aeris: You heard me you materia obsessed freak!

Yuffie: Just keep talking missy. You're cruisin' for a bruisin'.

chibi: ::as Mr. Hand:: Will you be QUIET? It's getting to a good part! Cat fight! Yeah!

Tifa: Oh wonderful. See what you've started Reno? You're SUCH an ass!

Reno: Me? How did I start this? YOU guys are picking on ME!

chibi: ::gasp!:: I don't have to take this from you!

Elena: If you weren't such a whiny jerk none of this would have started!

Reno: Yeah? Well if you weren't so repressed and would just ADMIT you wanted me I wouldn't be a jerk about it!

chibi: ::as Mr. Hand:: And what are you going to do about it? Shut up and sit down, ya tart.

Elena: ::shriek:: That's IT! You die!

Reno: I'd like to see you try it!

Elena: ::draws her gun:: No problem, Bucko!

chibi: HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME IN SUCH A MANNER??? I'LL SHOW YOU!!! ::dunks her hand in the punchbowl::

Everyone: ::blink and stare at chibi::

chibi: O_O What? He was talking back!

Reno: . . . . . . . . . . riiiiiight. Nothing wrong with THAT one, now is there?

Elena: -_- At least she fits right in here at the peanut gallery.

Blaze: ::runs through screaming::

Everyone: ::watches him go by blandly::

Zephyr: ::storms in looking positively livid::

Yuffie: ::blink:: His hair. . . .

Tifa: ::blink:: . . . . is pink.

Zephyr: Oh, gee, how astute. Let's see if you to halves of a brain can do two plus two now.

chibi: Oi. Zephyr, WHERE are your pants?

Zephyr: ::looks down at the black boxers:: How the hell should I know, I just got up. Probably right in the damn drawer where I put them after I did the laundry.

Elena: Why are they not on your body?

chibi: Yes, why? Generally males put pants on before they come into public areas. Especially ones with large female population.

Sephiroth: ::walks in, looking rather confused:: Is there a reason I just got mowed down by Blaze screaming bloody murder? ::catches sight of Zephyr and blinks:: What ARE you doing?

Zephyr: Applying for a job at Chip 'n Dales. ::rolls eyes::

Sephiroth: >_< Put some clothes on, you're embarrassing me.

Zephyr: ::sarcastically:: Yes Father.

Sephiroth: Damn right.

Zephyr: . . . . . oh yeah. ::slaps himself in the forehead::

Sephiroth: Clothes. Go. THEN kill the punk for dying your hair in your sleep.

Zephyr: ::grumbles, but heads off to get dressed::

Reno: He goes from swearing he'd never have a kid to accepting him. Now THAT'S a transition.

Sephiroth: I. . .uh. . .had a change of heart.

Rufus: Dare I ask what could cause such a drastic change?

Sephiroth: I met the kid's mother. ::whistles:: Slim, nice looking, and dresses in leather. Smart too. chibi dragged her in and stuck her with Hojo in the science department though, poor girl.

Reno: O_O I've gotta meet this one.

chibi: Oh, keep your tongue in your mouth, Reno. I dragged Jaren's mother over too. She's working with Rufus on the updates. Edana Fyurie.

Rufus: Hell yeah. Major looker.

Reno: Hey! How come I don't get to work with a nice looking woman?!

chibi: You work with Elena.

Reno: Yeah! How come I don't get to work with a nice looking woman?!

Elena: Why I oughtta-

Zephyr: ::storms in, this time wearing jeans, a sweatshirt, and boots:: There, I'm dressed. Which way did the dead man walking go?

Sephiroth: ::blandly points out the door:: To the left. Headed for chibi's other page, I believe.

Zephyr: ::heads for the door then stops:: Hey. . . . how did YOU know he dyed my hair in my sleep?

Sephiroth: . . . . ::checks his watch:: Well, look at the time. Gotta be going now, I have a date with Silver.

Zephyr: O_O You're moving in on my MOTHER?

Sephiroth: Um. . . . . later. ::disappears::

Zephyr: ::narrows his eyes:: Oh, he dies. ::zooms out the door, heading for the science department::

Reno: Whoa. SEPHIROTH is afraid of this kid. He's gotta be something. .....I've gotta watch this. ::runs out the door::

Rufus: Me too! ::follows::

Elena: Hey, wait for me!

Everyone: ::follows

chibi: ::takes her hand out of the punchbowl:: Huh, I was wondering why Sephiroth was giving Blaze pink dye. Well, so much for the poker game, huh Mr. Hand?

chibi: ::as Mr. Hand:: Don't talk to me. I don't like you anymore.

chibi: ::sweatdrop:: Feeling's mutual. ::goes to scrub the face off her hand::

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