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  • All about ME!!!...Well, I was born in Kentucky on May 6, 1965...thats makes me a Taurus, and yes, I am hard-headed and stubborn just like a Bull. Im 39 years old, happily married, and have a great kid...you'll find out about that in just a bit. I love to read Stephen King books and any any other horror ones that I can find. I love music, all kinds, mainly bluegrass! I love animals, chatting, helping others, and living near the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee...Most of you know me as Jazzieyy online, but I also go by the nic, LadyMoonkist.

    Important People In My Life

  • My son, who is 18 yrs. old and a real handsome fellow at that! Most of you online know him as TNsaxx or x_Dragon_x, he is a really sweet kid!! He likes to play his guitar and any other instrument he can get his hands on. He is a major computor freak! Loves to build them, work on them, anything to do with pc's! He plans on going to college for computors!

  • My hubby, Jvtoad64, who I met online in the room How2Chat, I love him dearly! He is a wonderful man and I am so happy that we both bought that little black box known as "webtv"..for without it, we wouldnt have ever met, or fallen in love, or gotten married! Jamie, baby, I love you with all my heart!!!

  • My animals which consists of 4 cats, Cagnie, Kissy, Crayola, & Chi-Chi... they are really sweet kitties! And one killer Chihuahua, Chico!

  • My chat friends, you know who you are :-)!!! I love ya oodles & kaboodles!! I've met a few of you all, and hope to meet a few more in the YEARS to come!

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    Thank you for visiting my page!! Please come back and visit again! I will be working on this homepage every few days....so drop by every once in a while to see what changes I have made. My other homepage has gone down that was on another server, and I lost EVERYTHING that I had worked on for 5 years...and now I begin all over again.

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