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Newbie Corner

Park - The directions are in the newbie help file on the main page or on directions page of mine. Once you enter there lots of things to do there, lots of low level monsters all over. Be sure to attack only animals, NPCs (non player Characters) are kinda hard for new people. Always be sure to "powerup" before entering battle.

Haunted Ship - Up at the top, Im not sure where exactly (im too high a lv to go in now) there is a room that says somethin like this room seems untouched by the evil that infests the rest of this ship yada yada yada. Anywho type "lie" and and ull heal alot fster in this room than any other place. Its real usefull.

South East Island - On the dock of the island go all n, 2w,s,w, enter, then type join ritual or circle, either works. It heals you just like the Manor bedroom. There is allso like a minie quest for a special item, but i wont tell you what [itll ruin the surprise] ;)

Aliases - Use something called an alias. Example alias ff cast fire ball. After typing that when ever you type ff itll auto enter cast fireball! Get it? One more time,type, alais (whatever u want here) ( any command your to lazy to type.) Ta DA!