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The Eldar Tavern

This is a small, yet quaint tavern. The room has a very pleasant and peaceful atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. The food here is legendary and quite reasonably priced. Several tables are scattered around the room and a bar is positioned against the south wall. Hanging from that wall you see a menu.
> The only obvious exit is west.
>You see Lanara, an elven waitress.
"So" Lanara says, "You wish to know about the Eldar."
Lanara frowns and grumbles something about Balkdek sending too many people to her to find out about the Eldar.
Lanara sighs deeply
Lanara says:

Well here you go, a crash course in eldar history.The Eldar family seek to be true to themselves and their ancestors, and try to follow the code of always being the best one can be, to themselves and others.

Lana takes a breath and continues:
Good deeds, chivalry, and kindness to others is the philosophy that built the Eldar. The peace-minded humans and elves of the Elf-Human Wars began the coalition with that in mind. .
Lanara continues saying:
The Elf-Human Wars began around 1850 Sylvandor and lasted more than three hundred years. The duration of the Wars resulted in mass destruction and debilitation on both sides, and introduced the dark art of necromancy to the world.

The waitress turns to put a pot of tea on to boil and the continues:
The Human-Elf Wars finally ended when peace-minded elves, half-elves, and humans banded together to form the Eldar. Bardoz, a legendary half-elf, was encouraged to establish peace between the two races.

Lanara pauses to take a breath then says:
Once peace was established by the half-elf Bardoz, physical seperation of the two races was still necessary to ensure it would continue. Most elves emigrated south to Sylvandor while humans remained, and those elves and half-elves who wished to remain did so centering on this village of Duendar.

Lanara says:
The elves that chose to stay formed the houses of the eldar. There are five Eldar clans, or houses. Amros, Glendoriel, Midiar, Sethic, and Turgon are all of ancient origin and were part of the Eldar Coalition in the year 2098 Sylvandor.Well, I suppose thats about it, but check back with me in a bit, and I might have something else to tell you about.

Lanara smiles and waves as you leave.