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Ancient Maps (still under construction)

-Whats NEW

Woooooo, hey people, just to let you know, im not dead. hi!
-Eldar page up! Nothing fancy, but informative
-Methos maintains the absoulte BEST map I have even seen, just move your mouse over parts of the map for a description of that area.

-Cheating Bad, if this page has bad stuff, tell me!

Welcome to Ancient maps! Just so you know my name on Ancient Anguish Is Balkdek. I am a member of the Eldar guild and if your interested in joining and need some help, I would be happy to assist you in any way I can. Happy adventuring!
The worldof AA

LAST UPDATED 10-10-99 , well actually 9-27-2k, only 6 months of nothing :P

On the Table you see a number of maps...

Ancient Anguish... the Actual place
The Eldarian Tradition
Guild Maps
Areas of Intrest
Newbie Corner
CX Directions and the Like
Map of the Ancient Anguish, as explored by Methos
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