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Who is Wilford Brimley?
Rom hacks

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dance you crazy kid! Welcome to the church of Wilford Brimley! dance you crazy kid!

This is the online home of the Church of Wilford Brimley,The Wilford Brimley Cabal, And the Sacred oatmeal bowls of quaker.

This fine discordian cabal is run by Pope Hentai k.S.C., Grand Magnum and head romhacker elite of the Wilford Brimley cabal and keeper of the sacred oatmeal bowls, And as a church in tennessee by the reverend Healy, Deep in the heart of darkest Tennessee.

We Were previously known as the Holy order of the Hentai but have since been shown the light and truth of the sacred oats. So keep your eyes on the news over there in the toolbar, and may the oats of Brimley smile upon you!