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Blend In Love

Shall we abide
Here together
Calm and serene
In all kinds of weather

United as one
Our faces we've seen
Exposure is common
In this shared dream

Hearts united
Ask a lot
Deception vanishes
As we grow hot

Deception of self
Quietly slides away
As the heart opens
To accept the new way

To know oneself
Is to Love the other
First Love begins
Within our mother

Extended in flight
Our wings take shape
Harmony and Love
Births the human race

There is no secret
To hide away
To blend in Love
Is the only way.

Higher Reason

We get up every day
Trying to find a way
To make a living

Something is giving
Us a reason
To consider chaos and treason

We've seen our ideal
Shatter and become unreal
There is another way
Coming in the dawning day

Equality of man
Love and respect
Is at hand

Bring in the light
Say goodbye to the night

This is the season
Of the higher reason!

Thought Police

Broken dreams lean askew
Unordered thoughts scatter
Years of troubled views
One wonders what is the matter

Why do I feel this rebellion
This dislike of controlled order
Internally I am like the million
Those treated like cattle fodder

History has recorded the waves
The ones sent up in the slaughter
Upon my heart these feelings lay
I grieve for the martyr

Strike out to express anger
The dislike of thought police
We all realize the danger
Together we seek our release.


To proclaim the truth
To all who will listen
Such polish is our suit
And makes it glisten

Our purpose fulfilled
We smile and rest
The pause on the hill
After giving our best

A moment of reflection
We suddenly realize
That our best dictation
Could be rent with lies

What is plain to us
May be murky to others
Our truth could be a curse
To many of our brothers

Reevaluation of salvation
As we look within
To seek revelation
Of the purpose of sin.

A Race With Time

Is it gratification
Or salvation
This race with time

We may choose
And still lose
After making the climb

What's the reason
To spend a season
Then turn on a dime

To come once more
To this realm of lore
And join again in time

Political Reality

Democrats in guilt
Republicans in greed
Our freedoms all wilt
As government fills our need

Our bleeding hearts
Push for law and order
Lets make a new start
What's this new world order?

A party of Love
Grassroots existence
Send us the dove
To lead the resistence

Stand up with right
Equality for all
Share and respect
That is the call.


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