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Our Confederate Soldiers Buried at Vicksburg

in the

Cedar Hill (Vicksburg City)Cemetery - Soldiers Rest

EMMERT, Henry, 61st TN MI, B Co; d. 7/2/1863; grave #134

HICKS, Isaac, 31st TN MI, G Co; d. Hospital No. 1; 2/27/1863; grave #975

JONES, Andrew, 61st. TN MI, B Co; d. Hospital No. 3; 4/29/1863; grave #1053

MANIS, Sterling (listed as MANNERS, Starling), 43rd. TN Inf., E Co., d. Hospital No. 3; 5/11/1863; grave #1082

MYERS, L. W., 43rd TN Inf., E Co., d. 1/31/1863; grave #723

PRESLEY, Hiram, 61st TN MI, B Co; d. Smallpox, 4/24/1863; grave #1039

SPRIGGS, Henry, 61st TN MI, B Co; d. City Hospital 5/12/1863; grave #1086

To See List of Confederate Soldiers Buried At Cedar Hill: www.nps/gov/vick/city_cem/cdr_hill.htm

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