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VAUGHN'S BRIGADE (Our Hawkins County Men)

One of our first regiments in Vaughn's was the 39th TN Infantry

Organized 28 March 1862 at Knoxville, placed in Bartow's Brigade, Stevenson's Division.

This is where they were:

February 18 - April 30, 1862 - Knoxville, Tennessee (Camp Bradford)

May - June 1862 - Rutledge, Tennessee.

July 3, 1862

The following were in Brid. General C. L. Stevenson's Division:

3rd TN

46th AL

3rd (Vaughn's)

39th TN Infantry

59th TN Infantry

Rhett's Artillery

Vaughn's 3rd, 59th TN Inf. and 39th TN Inf - these three TN regiments remained together throughout the war.

July - August 1862 - Near Cumberland Gap, Tennessee

September - October 1862 - Lenoir -Loudon, TN

They traveled on a marchof 700 miles in 42 days often without food or water and many barefoot, sometimes in dust 4 inches deep and on October 26th a heavy snow, no tents, thin clothing, and no cover.

Spring 1864

Colonel W. M. Bradford in his outline of the regiment in LINDSEY'S ANNALS, stated that in the spring of 1864, about half the brigade, under the command of General Vaughn was ordered to the valley of Virginia, while the other half under his commany remained in the vicinity of Bristol, TN-VA.

June 9, 1864

(From the Fain Dairy, p. 261: Col. Bradford sent a note to Sallie in which he says that James Buram is killed and out of 160 of his men in the fight, 45 are wounded, killed or missing.

October 12, 1864

Confederate General J. C. Vaughn reported the capture of a flag of the regiment (8th TN Cavalry Regiment USA) in a skirmish near Greeneville.

October 28, 1864

Vaughn's and Duke's (Morgan's old command) Cavalry, together with Cosby's, Giltner's, Palmer's and Crittenden's forces, some East Tennessee reserves, and four 12-pounder and two 6-pounder howitzers under Major Page, Chief of Artillery. This force amounting in all to about 5,000 troops. These troops were nearly all veterans seasoned by many raids and campaigns, and commanded by experienced officers. They were under the command of General Breckenridge who was regarded as one of the bravest and ablest Generals in the Confederate service.


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