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Civil War Diary of Captain Gaines Lawson, 1864

4th Tennessee Inf - D Company - USA

Medal of Honor Recipient

Rogersville, TN

(Owner: S. Johnston)

Inside Pages at Front - This book was bought of Lt. R. E. Sweeny, 2nd Lieut Co D 4th Tenn Vol Price $1.00 Jan 18th 1864 (signed) Gaines Lawson, Capt. Co. D 4th Tenn Inf Vols Next Page is a Calendar for 1864. January 1st was on Friday

January 1

At Point Burnside Ky with command E mount for Knoxville Tenn to gather up men belonging to 4th Tenn Inf. who were captured and paroled at McMinnville Tenn. Left Camp Nelson Ky December 26th 1863.

January 2

Left Point Burnside Ky camped Cumberland River on a Pontoon. Marched to the top of Sloans Hill and camped. Had to pull my 32 wagons up Sloans Hill ice from to top to bottom.

January 3

Still in camp at Sloans Hill. Rain and some Snow. very cold.

January 4

Still in camp at Sloans Hill. Capt. T. H. Reeves made his return of clothing camp and garn-- Equipage.

January 5

Still in camp at Sloans Hill. Sent out two bardge . Trains return at dark Loaden with grain.

January 6

Took my line of march. Stoped at Sandy Hill. Cold with snow and ice.

January 7 On the march through a poor country thinly lettle roads good water scarce bivouac at knight.

January 8

Marched throught the same kind of country as yesterday. Arrived at the Tenn. Line two miles north of Mr. Chitwoods and encamp. The boys rejoice to be in their mother country again.

January 9

Traveled through a Low Contry on a creek and just before Knight the rear wagon turned over. Ruined some papers belonging to the officers.

January 10

Marched through a Rufs contry. The roads covered with ice. Had to Cable the wagons to keep them from turning over. Camped on buffalo Creek.

January 11

A miserable ruf road with long hills to come up but fee to go down. County destitute of importants we marched 14 miles today by hauling min to each wagon camped in the mountains.

January 12

Cross Cumberland Mountain at Jacksboro Gap about ____. Passed through Jacksboro and went into camp 3,three miles west of that place.

January 13

Marched through a good country. People all union. Camped 2, two miles north of Clinton. 4th Ten Inf Vol in good spirits.

January 14

Passed through Clinton. Crosed Clinch River at this place. A nice place of improve. The R. R. from Knoxville Tenn runs through this place. Stayed 5 miles n.w. of Knoxville.

January 15

Still in camp 5 miles N.W. of Knoxville. Orders to wash feet. Maj. Patterson and Capt. Reeves went to Knoxville to take convalescents and grain rations. Report Knoxville is a bad condition.

January 16

Moosier with......of town of the Clinton Road and order to put up winter quarters. Paroled boys coming in our troop....Mo_y......

January 17

Putting up quarters with pine logs expect to stay here some time all quiet at the front.

January 18

Camp about Camp (? Ubrn, Alvn ) boys in fine spirits. Boys still comin in.

January 19

Our troops fighting at Morristown. Reports are that they are falling back to Strawberry Plains. Nothing new here but our Log Camp.

January 20

Some excitement about our Troops falling back. Report that our forces have crossed the River at the Plains and coming towards this place .. one Division of Cavalry passed this town today. Crossed the River and went in the direction of Serivill(not sure of spelling of this) Tenn

January 21

Gen Foster thinks there will be an after siege orders 4th Tenn to move in side _ _ _ Camp near the Knoxville Hain(?) operation (?) R.R. Bridge at Strawberry Plains burnt by our Troops.

January 22

Excitement still ragin 4th Tenn P(vts?) winter quarter. Rebel reported in 3 mile of town. Citizens leaving for KY.

January 23

The same as yesterday.

January 24

A big Sk---- the Rebels have not crossed the River in forces. Winter Quarter complete

January 25

Everything the direction of Seviervill Gen Foster think Longstreet is Trying to Join Hardee

January 26

I was ordered to report to my a--- Captain for duty. him myself and Sergt Halfsinger Philly (or Rhidly), and Corporal Resan left Knoxville _____ for the 4th Tenn In as river at Mrs. Gipsons in Good Union man to day and passed thru Hirm Gap

January 27

En----- far Severville Gen --- Rayst Comdg at -- Bro--- --- arrived at Serville Gen Sturlgis front, 6 miles from Town some fighting today.

January 28

Gen Sturges attack the Rebels this morning the Dead & wounded coming in to town the Rebel falling back to -- Left town at 10 ----

January 29

We have march all day and in rear of the army got within 8 miles of Knoxville our force go to Mayville

January 30

Arrive at Knoxville about sundown found the Regt in town at the same place sergt R(ider?) sent to hosp yesterday.

January 31

In camp resting nothing new in camp.

February 1

Cllarnidy (?) drill drive passover (?) this evening

February 2

Sergt Ryder died last knight typhor fever

February 3

All quiet in camp today no charges

February 4

Nothing of importance today

February 5

Every thing this side of the river stright Skirmishing at Myrville

February 6

Nothing to ca______d (command?)

February 7

Dress Parade this evening our Regt has ---- been right since we have been in service.

February 8

Capt Reevs order to duty as Chief of Police

February 9

I hear this morning that the 4th Tenn has been. Brig order with the 1st Brig 3rd Div 2 B A Co. Maj Gen Schofield and Stoneman arrive today.

February 10

Mag Gen Foster relived of commany by Mag Gen Shafield

February 11

Capt Nelso (?spelling Reeves?) came to camp on a visit

February 12

Nothing new today

February 13

Moved South of the River Capt(?) Felix Reeves --- the Big (?) Big (?) guns Halc all camp d in Maj Genl Stoneman Company 23 A.C.

February 14

Still in Camp - on this hill south of Knoxville

February 15

....and in Camp south of the River no winter (?) quarters

February 16

No news to day same Camp on the ...hill I even same

February 17

Rains all day be in camp

To Be Continued

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