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Battle of Big Creek Descendants Reunion Planned

As we are nearing the anniversary date November 6th, planning stages are just beginning on having a reunion of the descendants of the men who fought in the Battle of Big Creek at Rogersville, Tennessee. Let me know what you think of this. The year of 2013 will be 150 years since the Battle of Big Creek and a lot of things are being planned in Tennessee during these years to celebrate. The General Longstreet Museum just open in Russellville where General James Longstreet made his headquarters. Planning of this reunion for either this coming year(or the following)looks like the time to have this reunion. This naturally would be at Rogersville with planned trips to the battle site. Get your name on the list by emailing or writing me. I will send you updates on what is taking place with this as it happens. This could also be an excellent time for you to research some, visit places in the county where your relative was, see the General Longstreet Museum in nearby Russellville, visit the Smokies, swap stories with others about their relative who was fighting alongside yours. This will take a lot of work and several people to be involved in this. Let me know how much you could do to help this project work. Also, I need letters, photos, information of any kind that can be used. Thanks!