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Rogersville, Tennessee

November 6, 1863

I f you are a descendant of one of the men who was in the Battle of Big Creek at Rogersville, Tennessee, and would like your name listed here - please get in touch with me. I think it would be interesting for some of you to be able to meet with others and share the information you have on your relative at the battle. Input please. Any information can be removed at any time by request, ie: e-mail, address, etc.

Name Address E-mail Relative
Donahue Bible Mohawk, TN unknown unknown
Lona Brannon unknown Husband's GGGrandfather, Elias Mitchell Branham, Roane Co.TN & three brothers, Aaron Branham, John C.Branham, Marques de Lafayete Branham were all members of the 2nd TN. Elias, John & Lafayette were eventually sent to Andersonville where they died and are buried.
Robert High MD unknown Capt William Carrol Carns
2nd TN MI
Libby/Andersonville Prisons
Ted E. Lankford, Jr. (have to clear this first)
(have to ask him first) John Wesley Lankford,
2nd TN MI
Roy H. Greene Church Hill, TN James L. Overton
2nd TN MI-C Co
died at Andersonville Prison
Bob Underdown Fayetteville, AR Four Great-Great-Grand Uncles:2nd TN Infantry-K Co
Capt. Joseph Underdown,
sent Libby Prison,
later escaped from Camp Asylum, SC, Feb 1865;
1st Lt. Gilbert W. Underdown,
escaped in night;
Pvt. Pleasant Underdown,
prob. escaped with brother, both with regiment at end of war;
Pvt. Caleb Hickman, died at Belle Isle prison.

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