Ahayah Elohim
A Magickal Journey




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 I define myself as an eclectic because I believe in the basic tenets of faith as brought forth in "difference schools of religious and spiritual thoughts"

Jesus taught me about sin, forgiveness and how to be one with God,  and hope for an eternal home.

Buddha taught me how to control my emotions and how to be quiet in the still of the night.

The Hindu taught me the multiplicty of God and to tap into many worlds.

The Wiccan rede taught me: "An it harm none, do as ye will"
and I believe in the threefold law of Karma: "whatever you do comes back to you threefold".

I am a pagan by definition because my religion worships more than one aspect of 'god'.

I am a witch because I believe in and use spells in my daily life.

I am also Shaman, cause I like returning to nature and the gifts it contains

I am a Lightworker cause I believe that there is life out there,
and that they are here to bring us to the Ascension