GraceWatcher's Thoughts and Shadows of PathWorking

May 2005


Thank you so much to Erowyn and the staff of "The Spiritual Advisor" for letting me be a part of this newsletter. I truly hope that I can help those here to grow in their full potential.

This month I want to share some thoughts from my newest book "Cosmic Spirituality". I will also write about some of my ideas on the subject of magick. Next, I am going to share some wisdoms and truths about higher consciousness. Then finally,  I will share a couple of my poems.  I hope you will enjoy what you see here. Be blessed in everything that you do.




There is a glorious sunrise that is being seen on a  part of our world that exemplifies the advantages that are coming our way. With this new dawning of an age of abundance and peace, we will be able to find the solace within our heart to carry forth and live our life in joy.

I am a spiritual being, and I come this day to remind you of a time when this kind of energy was prevalent on earth and when the outcome was not as it will be this time.
Before, there was complete destruction and disintegration of a society that had found their solace in hiding in the shadows. This was the intention of the larger picture, for without that time in earth's history, there would not be the power struggles and the ongoing energy that has built to this point. We encourage all of you to question anything that may come into your consciousness, and find your own truth about the matter in question. All is perfection, and in that perfection lies the ability to know what you know.


Spirituality, if it can be called a religion (it’s more a way of life for me), is full and fluid and like the ocean. It never stays in one place, it is ever changing and evolving like spring to summer and summer to fall. And I grow and change with it, adapting new ideas, establishing a greater sense of myself with every footstep. I send my roots down into the fertile soil and drink of the un-ending knowledge that this earth holds before me. And like the gardener whose careful hands tend the living, breathing earth I propagate my own experiences with grace and determination. There is no formula for truth, it is not an exact science, nor is it an ancient unbending truth; it is an experience. It is the wisdom that is established from this experience that helps us to define the meaning of the word ‘wisdom’. I have a very long and deeply embedded ancestral link to Jesus, but as a child this link was not made evident to me and it wasn’t until I reached adult hood that I could better understand the connection to my Christian roots.

I feel that life is a magickal journey and that it is the in-between moments where our attentions are diverted to material matters such as clothing, shelter and food that cause us to lose our sense of who we are as spiritual beings. Bread may be bread and hunger may be the driving force in its creation but it is the ceremony in its preparation, the transformation of cooking it, and ultimately the sharing of it in a social setting that makes the whole process a physical representation of a greater spiritual experience. This is the essence of magick and thus where our truest spell work can be done. Just as we would study for a test or exam one must first conceptualize of the desired outcome, establish a methodology for creating said outcome and then set out with the appropriate tools to materialize the goals we wish to achieve. In doing so, we open ourselves to our greatest potential, increasing our connection to our higher selves. It is here that we define who we are, recognize our strength’s and weakness and determine whether or not we are willing to overcome them. For, we are always able. We have the very tools we need in our hands the trick is learning how to use them effectively and with true purpose and intention.

The simple act of "stopping to smell the roses" is an expression of connecting to the spiritual self, the desire to know god, to touch with the hands of creation and to be an infinite part of it. But like all good things there is danger of obtaining too much or over indulging in the material benefits. I find this particularly true when it comes to religion. We often find ourselves becoming fanatical about our approach to spiritual matters, and instead of obtaining a greater understanding of our spiritual selves and having the foresight to trust its existence we become greedy and disenfranchised with the spiritual truth of those around us. We cling to our ceremony as though without it our very souls would cease to be instead of allowing it to grow, evolve and breath like the very earth in which we live. In fact I find no greater representation for the spiritual realm then the earth beneath my feet and the sky above my head and it is in this world where I have discovered some of my greatest spiritual explorations. With the people that I meet, the challenge of a new relationship and within the dynamics of those that already exist.
If we wish to continue to deepen our connection to the spiritual we must be willing to let go of it. If we cling too tightly we damage the fragile nature that makes the quest for spiritual truth so imperative. Like a clear crystal stone, if we hold it to the light we can see the internal structure that makes up its formation but if we set it down in the shadows we can not acknowledge its beauty then the very purpose of its creation is lost and its existence irrelevant. The search for spiritual relevance is what separates and defines us as human beings. We have our very basic nature still intact, eating, sleeping and procreating but it is the unseen internal struggle for knowledge that makes us the truly remarkable beings that we are. For there is no right answer, life isn’t a test or quiz and unlike our academic quests we are our own best teachers. Each of us retains the right to a spiritual truth, whether it is through Paganism, Christianity, Buddhism or all of the above the journey is yours to experience. Embrace your spiritual self with the ceremony that fulfills you the most and magick will never be too far behind you.

It seems that because we inherently understand that the universe exists as movement between chaos and order, the polarization of apparent opposites comes naturally. However, a key to wisdom is attained through an understanding that creation lies between these extremes, not in alignment with one or the other. Often we hear that the God is a god of the hunt, a provider, a sexually aggressive force in nature. In contrast, we call upon the Goddess as our mother, as our caregiver who rules by the hearth at the center of home. These are generalizations, of course, and indeed we can trace historical reasons for them. They are also valid archetypal images. Yet in modern times, spiritual people are continually challenged to grow and develop their spiritual beliefs by building on prior knowledge, bending and changing. The  path is one of growth and learning, not pedantry. 

Magick and Witchcraft have long been associated with "in-between" places. According to legend, the wise woman or wise man of the village would live at the edge of town, not quite in the wilderness, yet not quite at the center of society. Avalon is said to be just beyond the mist, existing in this world and yet also apart from it. The biosphere of our planet is a thin area along the Earth's surface reaching only the lower atmosphere. We exist between Earth and Sky. This "in-betweeness" is demonstrated in abstract through our mental processes and spiritual awareness, as well as in physical experience. For example, meditation is a state of keen mental awareness, and yet also one of profound relaxation. The trance state of divination and astral journey can be as spontaneous as a dream, but such a state is an experience of the conscious mind. When we conceptualize a divine presence, people of many different religious backgrounds would likely agree that spirit transcends physical existence.



Some thoughts on Magick

Do you believe in magick? This is often asked when people find a little about my spiritual path. God (s) and goddess (es) by my definition are spiritual beings that affect spiritual, supernatural, and physical change in the spiritual and physical worlds. Therefore to have any acceptance of existence (belief) in the divine, one should have some acceptance of magick. I believe that acceptance is more precise a word than belief. For example, one does not believe in gravity, magnetism, electricity, or wind. None of those, or many other natural forces, can be seen. Yet their effects are seen and the reality of them is undeniable. And so it is with deity and magick. To this end, any form of prayer is magick. Anyone who prays is asking for spiritual assistance and energy from the divine to affect change in their world. I dare anyone who prays to tell me not to practice magick, for they are doing it themselves. I consider magick to be a gift of and a connection from the divine. Not all of my magickal workings are extremely ceremonial, or necessarily even rituals. At the same time, when I observe holidays, sabbats, or have times of worship, I do not feel required or obligated to do spell work.
The reason I personally believe magick can be done without spellcraft is because spellcraft is only one type of magick. Spellcraft to me is I shall do this and such with physical objects in order to help cause this effect. It is what some may call practical magick or day to day magick.

There are other types of magick. The first type in my view of classification is spiritual or divine magick. This is a higher form as its goal tends to be more oriented towards spiritual growth or helping others Prayer (I will ask this god to help me with this) is magickal. As for invocation and evocation, while physical tools or symbols may be used to aid ritual and communicate with the spiritual self, the primary tool is Spirit itself. Another type is extra ability magick. This would include developed spiritual, empathic, and psychic senses, divination, and astral/shamanic journeying. All of this type requires much practice. There are many ways people use to develop these, and I do not pretend to be an expert on any particular one of them. I personally tend to view empathy as higher than divination, as it is more related to caring. Then there is also at times a spontaneous or triggered magick (Did I do that?) . This may include things that seem to be wishes that have come true, suddenly finding what you were looking for, having perfect timing , being in the right place at the right time, or finding yourself able to do something that you did not know you could do or were unsure of your ability.

I believe that rituals you personally relate to can improve your spiritual practice and spiritual self. Spells you can relate to personally may be effective. Rituals you have a part in and spells you craft yourself I believe are the most effective. There are many different sets of correspondences for herbs, stones, crystals, scents, colors. There are volumes upon volumes on these subjects, such as 777, so and so’s book of magickal herbs, stones, crystals, incense, oils, brews, potions, brews, food, recipes, signs, symbols, seals, omens, runes, and sigils, but what matters is how you personally associate meanings from your intellect to your spirit, and the relationships those items have for you. With divine deity magick or spellcraft either one, others may not be able to tell you how. The question you need to ask yourself is “how is it that you best make a connection?”

My ethics are that no form of magick should be done lightly. If anything is done or said, it is with the expectation that something will happen. Words give strength to manifest thought and desire, and should be used with care. I accept that all actions have consequences, some of which take time to result, and that how we affect others also affects us. Side effects are to be considered. For example, my flight was late due to fixing a mechanical problem. Had it been on time, and the mechanical problem not been fixed, it may have had a mechanical issue in flight and crashed. I believe that free will and the greater good should be always considered. So continue to believe in magick, and practice magick and spellcraft, while realizing they are not the same, but most of all, remember magick’s source!





Some thoughts from GraceWatcher on higher consciousnesses

 There are always two different consciousnesses in the human being, one outward in which he ordinarily lives, the other inward and concealed of which he knows nothing. When one does sadhana, the inner consciousness begins to open and one is able to go inside and have all kinds of experiences there. As the sadhana progresses, one begins to live more and more in this inner being and the outer becomes more and more superficial. At first the inner consciousness seems to be the dream and the outer the waking reality. Afterwards the inner consciousness becomes the reality and the outer is felt by many as a dream or delusion, or else as something superficial and external. The inner consciousness begins to be a place of deep peace, light, happiness, love, closeness to the Divine or the presence of the Divine, the Mother. One is then aware of two consciousnesses, the inner one and the outer which has to be changed into its counterpart and instrument-that also must become full of peace, light, union with the Divine. At present you are moving between the two and in this period all the feelings you have are quite natural. You must not be at all anxious about that, but wait for the full development of the inner consciousness in which you will be able to live.

I did not mean by the inner being the psychic or inmost being. It is the psychic being that feels love, Sophia  and union with the Mother. I was speaking of the inner mental, inner vital, inner physical; in order to reach the hidden seat of the psychic one has first to pass through these things. When one leaves the outer consciousness and goes inside, it is here that one enters - some or most entering into the inner vital first, others into the inner mental or inner physical; the emotional vital is the most direct road, for the seat of the psychic is just behind the emotional in the heart-centre. It is absolutely necessary for our purpose that one should become conscious in these inner regions, for if they are not awake, then the psychic being has no proper and sufficient instrumentation for its activities; it has then only the outer mind, outer vital and body for its means and these are too small and narrow and obscure. You as yet have been able only to enter the outskirts of the inner vital and are still insufficiently conscious there. By becoming more conscious there and going deeper one can reach the psychic - the safe refuge, nirApada sthArta, of which you speak; then you will not be disturbed by the confused visions and experiences of the inner vital outskirts.

Have you ever wondered what Jesus Christ really meant when he said that heaven is within you? He wasn't encouraging people to build a tipsy, tall tower of Babel to reach heaven. Physical structures, after all, have limitations. People who can reach a higher state of consciousness do not. Dante's epic The Divine Comedy also suggests levels of heaven and hell that could be explored in a state of higher consciousness. This is a personal journey that does not require tall towers, ladders, or secret tunnels. It is not a physical journey, but a journey of spirit.

Countless people everywhere make this journey into the world of spirit almost daily. Shamans, yogis, Zen Buddhists, and Eckists represent but a few of the many groups of people who experience the non-ordinary worlds of higher consciousness. I'm also reminded of Sybil Leek who, in Diary of a Witch, said that future explorers who travel outside the Earth might be surprised to find that a witch had been there first. Of course, she did not mean they'd reach these distant destinations by rocket ship, but by astral travel in a heightened state of consciousness. Now even modern science suggests that there are realities within realities and universes within universes, separated by only the narrowest of folds in space.


From Within

Envisioning myself as I want to be is an inside job. I work from  the
inside out , from the spiritual center within where Spirit resides. Then  I
know that the wisdom of Spirit is guiding me , the power of Spirit  is
strengthening me and the life of Spirit is enlivening me.

The wiser  person I want to become begins within. This is where the answers
to the  mysteries of life are revealed even those beyond what I may  be

The healthier person I long to become begins within.  The health, life, and
vitality I am affirming through Spirit's presence  within me are showing up
as my total well being.

The more prosperous  person I desire to become begins within.  With
gratitude , I accept all  the blessings that Spirit has for me .From Silent


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