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Initiation is a natural process that occurs in the lives of all human-beings. It is a hierarchical system and indicates when our personal consciousness has risen to a recognised new level of activity. It thus gives us some understanding as to where we are on the ladder of human evolution and of what lies ahead for us on our individual path.

Initiation is stimulated by life experience in general, and by certain major experiences in particular. The 'lesser' initiations are specially engineered from the inner planes by the Great Mother in concert with our causal body (or 'solar angel'). The major initiations are implemented by the ascended Masters Who oversee our entrance into a particular ashram; and/or by higher forces such as the Christ, planetary logos, etc.

The significance and implications of the first six initiations can be explained in terms of the Tree of Life diagram and the six astrological polarities (see Fig. 1 & Tab. 1).

The basic Tree diagram includes all the 12 heavenly spheres up to Neptune and embraces the six lower planes of our solar system. The first (or Logoic) plane is also shown in Figure 1 but its planetary attributions are unknown to me.

The first four initiations are said (by Master Djwal Khul) to fall within the realm of 'knowledge' and are governed by the third principle - called Active Intelligence. They thus primarily concern the human relationship with the Great Mother principle. In Figure 1 this notion is demonstrated in that the first four initiations are encapsulated and crowned by the sephira Daath (meaning 'knowledge'). Daath is ruled by the planets Saturn and Chiron and is the sephira expressing our relationship with the Great Mother and Father principles - but especially the Great Mother. The atmic plane is the region wherein the Mother essentially dwells. Her symbols include the sephira Binah and the planet Pluto.

Master Djwal Khul further says that the initiations five, six and seven involve the realm of 'light' and the second principle of Love-Wisdom. They therefore more especially concern our relationship with the Great Father principle and the second (or monadic) plane.

In other words, the fourth initiation sees our release from bondage to the Great Mother, and the anchoring of our conscious focus firmly upon the Father principle. That is, away from Luna and towards Saturn. It is not a matter of cutting ourselves off completely from the Great Mother, but rather entails establishing 'right relationship' with Her.

It is the Mother in Her 'darkest' aspect Who oversees the first four initiations. She operates through Pluto to ensure that all human-beings undergo the needed transformations and purifications. The impact of Pluto is felt in its grossest (or most physical) form in our lives the more closely we identify ourselves with the matter (or Earth) principle. As we climb the 'tree of initiation' our conscious participation and cooperation in the Plutonian process becomes more pronounced and successful. We gradually come to know, understand and accept the power of the Mother upon the Earth, and we become eligible to receive and able to use Her material power for the furtherment of the divine creative Plan. It is during the final stage of the Pluto process (i.e. third/fourth initiations) that we begin to shift our attention towards the Father in order to discover more clearly our personal role in the creative purpose of the spiritual Hierarchy.

Planet Earth is given as the polar complement of Pluto because of its special relationship with Venus and the sign Taurus. Taurus is the sign opposite Scorpio - the sign that is ruled by Pluto. Thus, the Earth could be said to be the modern ruler of Taurus. (See Esoteric Astrology, pp. 382-384, by Alice Bailey/Djwal Khul.)

The first initiation signifies a certain mastery of the etheric/physical body or Luna. This means personal control of the animal instincts and freedom from physical dependencies such as drugs, alcohol etc. It also shows a movement away from strong maternal dependencies and a release from self-limiting emotional insecurities. Concomitantly, there is demonstrated a movement towards the Sol principle in one's astrological natal chart. Attention is given towards discovering and unfolding the Self; of forming a relationship with one's soul (or 'solar angel'). Expression of the true self is exhibited through the astral body as personal creativity, especially via crafts and the arts.

In terms of the zodiacal polarities the first initiation shows a shift away from over-reliance or emphasis on others (Libra) and a definite focus upon one's true sense of self (Aries).

The second initiation signifies considerable mastery of the astral body, or in other words, the desire nature. Our values become transformed in the searing crucible of life experience. The heat is especially intense during this initiation, a theme that's reflected in the close relationship between Pluto and Mars, and between the Earth and Venus. These planets are, co-rulers of Scorpio and Taurus respectively. The conflict between the disciple's material and spiritual desires is heightened dramatically, forcing him to use his mental body to resolve the conflict and to achieve inner/outer harmony. The development of the faculty of discrimination or spiritual discernment becomes of utmost importance from the second to the fourth initiation. The disciple is given many opportunities to choose and to experience the effects of the choices made during that time.

The third initiation sees the disciple's discriminative faculty developed to quite a large degree. He becomes master of his lower mental body (Mercury) in particular, and of his integrated human personality in general as it exists in the three worlds of human living. His abstract mind increasingly becomes the means whereby he translates intuited knowledge into meaningful forms/symbols. In this way he formulates for himself a spiritual ideology. He is no longer distracted from his path by the trivial pursuits, the illusions and glamours of average mankind. He is now focussed upon the buddhic (or intuitional) plane wherein are located the Masters and their ashrams. He begins to realise his connection to a particular ascended Master and inner plane ashram, and he concentrates on strengthening that link.

Because of his mental development the Initiate now becomes 'an interpreter of divine truth and a transmitter of ashramic intention'. He is now guided by a growing sense of group purpose and he perceives the unity of all life. These are all concepts related to Jupiter and the sign Sagittarius.

From the third to the seventh initiation the soul-infused personality of the Initiate is brought increasingly under the control of the monad (located within the second plane). After the seventh initiation the experience of the Initiate becomes extra-planetary (or solar) as his consciousness rises to penetrate cosmic levels.

The fourth initiation signals release from all encumbering attachments to the form (or Luna) principle, and therefore, the establishment of right relationship with the Great Mother principle. The planetary attribution is Saturn whose glyph represents a cross atop the Hill of Calvary - the Cardinal Cross onto which the Initiate is now being transferred (i.e. from the Fixed Cross).

The Crucifixion initiation involves the willing renunciation by the Initiate of various 3rd-dimensional forms and activities, and culminates in the relinquishment of his causal body whose guidance is replaced by his monad. It indicates the cessation of conflict within his consciousness, and his ability to participate in Hierarchical decision-making. This is because his faculty of spiritual discernment is now perfected (which is why he no longer requires the assistance of his causal lotus).

The fourth initiation is divided into two components: the 'crucifixion' (or 'renunciation') and the 'ascension'. The former relates to the Initiate's newly recognised decision-making capability (or authority) and is symbolised by Saturn and Capricorn. 'Ascension' specifically concerns his relationship with the Mother principle and is represented by Chiron and Virgo.

For the first time the Initiate finds that he has access to the stream of Will/Purpose energy issuing from the planetary logos into the consciousness of the Hierarchy. This stream expresses the third (or Active Intelligence) aspect of the Will of Sanat Kumara, and by immersing himself therein he learns to accurately 'perceive the Plan and participate in the Purpose' as Master Djwal Khul puts it. This learning process (consisting of many crises of decision) carries the Initiate to a culminating point - the sixth initiation called the 'Decision'.

The Ascension aspect of the Crucifixion results in the Initiate finding his field of creative service in the world. This is achieved as the faculty of discrimination is perfected within him and he harmonises himself with the guiding Intelligence of the Great Mother. As he thus attunes himself with the highest vibration of the matter principle, every atom in his physical body is simultaneously raised to that vibration and he attains physical perfection. This is the 'lesser' Christ body of Light, the 'greater' Light body is assumed at the sixth initiation.

The fifth initiation confirms mastery of one's individual creative consciousness and demonstrates a readiness to develop and express true group consciousness within the Hierarchy. This condition is symbolised by the shift in polarity from Sol (and its circle of 'inner planets') to Uranus. (See Figure 1.)

During the fifth initiation, called the Revelation, the Initiate becomes a Master (technically speaking). He contacts the second (or Love-wisdom) aspect of the Will of Sanat Kumara, the planetary logos. Inherent in this divine influx is a revelatory vision that surpasses all others that have gone before - one that is a deciding factor in the Master's future direction and work. He uses this vision as the basis for initiating some new Hierarchical project that is in harmony with the Plan and in line with the Purpose of the logos.

The Master must now form His own ashram - a natural consequence of the magnetic quality of the second aspect of the divine Will. His consciousness (or 'word') becomes as a beacon of Light that attracts disciples whose ray qualities resonate with His own ray energy. He must also, before the sixth initiation, harmoniously integrate His ashram into the unified structure of the Hierarchy.

It is illuminating to remember that Master Djwal Khul's fifth initiation involved His work with Alice Bailey; the recording of His teachings in their many books; and the establishment of the Arcane School (an outpost of His ashram).

The sixth initiation introduces the Master, for the first time, to 'cosmic consciousness'. It marks the beginning of His conscious connection with the Great White Lodge in Sirius. It is the task of the Master to merge Himself utterly in the pure Will of Sanat Kumara, the planetary logos.

At this time the Master is removed from the sphere of influence of the Hierarchy and ascends to the greater assembly of Light in Shamballa. He must demonstrate His capacity to use the divine Will in its 1st aspect by determining a cycle of human destiny upon the Earth. A meeting of 6th degree Masters occurs every 49 years specifically for this purpose. The last one of these was in the year 1952.

When He enters the Council Chamber of Shamballa, the past karma of the Master (which now is only good karma) is nullified by the Lord of Karma of the 3rd Ray. He thus becomes entirely liberated and can make His 'Decision' free from any influence of the past. For the Master must decide upon which of the seven Paths of cosmic service He will in the future tread. Again, He must harness the illumined Will in order to faithfully determine this.

The symbol for this lofty initiation is the planet Neptune and represents the higher correspondence of the Chiron Ascension.

The seven initiations can be related to the seven major chakras of the human form as per Figure 2. It shows certain significant relationships and realignments that must be accomplished during the initiation process. Table 2 shows how the chakras parallel the seven dimensions, and suggests how significant conscious activity occurring within a particular chakra might indicate in what dimension an individual is primarily functioning. (Please note that the 'dimensions' count from below upwards, while the 'planes' are numbered from above to below.)

The first and second initiations stimulate the transfer (or release) of energy from the solar plexus chakra to the heart chakra. This, in effect, is the raising of consciousness from the third to the fourth dimension. The third chakra is the 'clearing house' for the intense inner conflict that occurs within the consciousness of the disciple during these two initiations. It is where the battle occurs between various emotionally charged thought-forms leading to the eventual purification of the astral and lower mental bodies. Human relationships form the primary arena for the purging process and as our consciousness rises to the heart centre there is a shift from conditional to unconditional love. This is a big change in consciousness because on planet Earth virtually all human relationships have conscious or unconscious conditions attached.

Planet Earth itself appears to be the cosmic physical manifestation of the 'solar plexus' chakra of Helios, the solar logos. Master Djwal Khul quotes that Earth is uniquely 'the planet of releasing sorrow and of purifying pain' (Esoteric Astrology, p 361). It is like an alembic (within the physical body of Helios) into which His emotionally charged thoughts and desires are reflected, contained and distilled. Of course these thoughts/desires, originating within the cosmic mental and astral planes are of a most exalted nature and spawn the highest expressions of human consciousness. But as they filter down to our gross level of being, their original differences become greatly accentuated and distorted and result in various conflicting ideologies and religions such as those that flourish in the world today.

The Master also says that Venus is the complement of the Earth and that whereas Earth is the 'brother whose light is waning', Venus is the 'brother whose light grows stronger cycle by cycle' (Ibid). This suggests that Venus is the heart centre of Helios and that it is steadily receiving an influx from the Earth as Earth's energy becomes resolved and harmonised. (See Fig. 2.) I find it interesting that the word Earth is transformed into Heart when the letter 'h' (the Hebrew 'Ha' or 'spiritual love') is transferred to its rightful pre-eminent position. The Master says elsewhere that eventually a great peace and serenity will characterise the Earth whence it will become the focus through which the solar logos will express the qualities and energy of His Will and Power. These are qualities of a purified solar plexus chakra.

The shift in Earth consciousness from the third to the fourth dimension could be said to be evidence that the above process is proceeding at a more rapid pace now than at any other time in our history.

In terms of individual human evolution, there occurs at the sixth initiation a crucial decision made by the Master concerning the cosmic Path upon which He will continue His journey. Master Djwal Khul notes that the great majority of Masters choose the 4th Path to Sirius which He says, may seem curious because the Earth logos is not Himself on that Path. He says however, that the logos of Venus is upon that Path and that this is the reason for Their so choosing. Thus we can deduce that the 4th Path takes the Master into a close rapport with the Venus logos and from there (i.e. the heart centre of Helios) He finds His way to the monadic consciousness of the solar logos - Sirius.

Finally, in relation to the above it is interesting to realise that the seven great Ray Lords Whose energies are stepped down and utilised during the seventh initiation, 'function in the deepest cosmic meditation between our planet, the Earth, and our sister planet, Venus' (Rays and Initiations, p 734). They are a higher correspondence of the 'New Group of World Servers' who are operating as mediators between humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy. The Ray Lords thus act as a major conduit between the Earth and Venus logoi.

The third and fourth initiations stimulate a rising current of creative energy from the sacral chakra to the throat chakra. This is produced as the consciousness of the Initiate becomes focussed within his abstract mental body and he increasingly uses his raw creative energy in the formation of divinely inspired ideas. His speech (or 'word') becomes more and more the medium through which his creativity is manifested in the world. His being becomes centred in the 5th dimension.

The fifth and sixth initiations emphasise the development and use of the ajna chakra (or 'third eye'). This centre establishes dominion or control over the three lowest centres, galvanising them into full cooperation with soul and monadic consciousness. The ajna centre is a reflection of the sanctified Daughter/Mother principle (or human personality). Like nectar into the holy Graal it receives energy from the crown chakra - the corresponding symbol of the Son and Father principles, and whose divine purpose guides its every course of action.

At the seventh initiation the Will energy of the base chakra and the Purpose of the crown chakra are united as one. Earth ascends to Heaven and Heaven reigns upon Earth. After this initiation, says Master Djwal Khul, the Master no longer needs any of the seven chakras to manifest His being in the three worlds. One would presume then that He becomes as a singular column of living Light.

The seventh initiation was not touched upon in the first part of this article because of its remoteness from the life of the average disciple. It lies far ahead in the distant future for most of us. We can speculate though that there may be a link between it and what some people call Planet X, or Transpluto.

Sighted in December, 1993, Transpluto is thought by some to be the planet Nibiru. This planet is spoken of in the ancient Sumerian cosmogony as being the 12th planet in our solar system. Its orbital cycle is 3600 years and it's due to reappear in our skies very soon. (See the works of Zecharia Sitchin.)

Because Transpluto is located upon logoic levels of the Tree diagram (in Fig 1), its influence would be concerned with the expression of the Will/Purpose of the solar logos - hence its lengthy orbit and its profound catalytic effects upon the Earth. Evidence of its intervention in world history can be inferred from the 3600 year period between the various ages of civilisation. For instance, between the Palaeolithic and the Mesolithic and then the Neolithic, and then ancient Sumeria from whence our own civilisation sprang.

Whereas Pluto is a vehicle for the 'maternal' Will of the planetary logos - effecting the evolution of all human souls, Nibiru may be a similar ambassador for the solar logos, and therefore may also periodically quicken the evolution of humanity but at the monadic level. Stimulation at such a deep level would require a long time cycle (3600 years) for its effects to filter down to the 3rd dimensional world. Its reappearance now is another factor to add to the mystery that is overtaking our civilisation at this time.


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