2/10/07    [Web Site] World Changing 
2/10/07    Christian Fascism  
2/10/07    Global Warming - World's churches go green and rally to cause  
2/9/07    On Coming to Terms with Society  
2/2/07    Inconvenient Truths   

January 2006


1/23/07    Good News About Evangelicals, Bad News for Bush  
1/15/07    Bush, Irag, and the War on Terror 


Articles in November 2006

11/17/06    Materialism and Christianity   .


Articles in October 2006

10/24/06    Finding a Balance in Mixing Religion and Politics  
10/22/06    Campaign '06: The G.O.P. Gets Nervous in Tennessee  
10/22/06    What it means to be a man 
10/21/06    Republican Woes Lead to Feuding by Conservatives 
10/14/06    Failure to Tackle Global Warming Could Cost Trillions  
10/12/06    Campaign 2006: The Issues, the Stakes, the Prospects 
10/10/06    Bush and Christian Certitude  
10/10/06    What election in November is all about  
10/9/06    Political War in Tennessee  
10/9/06    Political instability threatens rainforests more than industry does  


Articles in September 2006

9/25/06    The 10 most useful lies about terrorism  
9/15/06    The Stranger in our Home  
9/13/06    The President,  the Media and Democrats  
9/11/06    Whatís So Great about Democracy? 
9/11/06    The Myth of Fair Election in United States 
9/9/06    9-11 five years later 
9/8/06    Christians are up to it again, EX-Gay TV show, whoopedy Doo 
9/8/06    Rapture Ready   ..
9/2/06    Confessions pour out on Church's web site  


Articles in August 2006

8/25/06    Whats Polls are saying about important issues for these days  
8/4/06    Israel, Hezbollah, and the rest of us 
8/1/06    The Religious Right, sex, gays, and making good leaders  


Articles in July 2006

7/23/06    Global Warming, the President and Congress  
7/20/06    Drug errors injure more than 1.5 million a year  ..


Articles in June 2006

6/24/06    UFO research: Findings vs. facts   .
6/22/06    - whos-right-on-iraq -  ..
6/6/06    The Truth about the number 666  
6/5/06    A Study on Music   .


Articles in May 2006

5/26/06    Some statistics concerning God and the Bible  
5/17/06    The Da Vinci Code Part 1


Articles in April 2006

4/29/06    400 Dolphins Wash Up Dead Off African Coast 
4/24/06    Obesity, Winning the War on Fat   .
4/22/06    Domestic Terrorism  
4/22/06    The Truth about Global Warming Part 2 
4/13/06    Some facts about alcohol, smokers and obese people  ..
4/11/06    The Truth about Water  
4/10/06    People are waking up, but is it too late   ..
4/8/06    Truth about Pollution  
4/8/06    The Truth about Global Warming Part 1   ..
4/1/06    Disturbing Warning About Decaf Coffee   .
4/1/06    Highly Sensitive People       ..


Articles in March 2006

3/29/06    Live Longer If You Eat These 14 Foods 
3/28/06    Manifesting our Reality  
3/21/06    Its not your responsibility to save everyone  .


Articles in Feb. 2006

2/24/06    Water or Coke  
2/22/06    What is the Gay Agenda? When you find it, let me know  ..
2/16/06    This is so gross, and you touch these a lot   ..
2/16/06    Time to end the dependence on Oil  
2/12/06    Surrendering Freedom of Speech  
2/8/06    Money and Relationships  
2/6/06    Lets talk about Sleep   .


Articles in January 2006

1/29/06    America is not as divided as they say  
1/29/06    Bush, his approval ratings, Saddam, and everything else  
1/29/06    Who says the Bible is literally true?  
1/25/06    Is The White House Avoiding Infromation about Katrina?  
1/14/06    This will blow you away, conservatives are after others countries now 
1/12/06    Pat Roberston, america's supposly spokeperson for the christian right, does it again 
1/11/06    Wire Tapping and The Patriot Act 
1/11/06    Bush, The Irag War, Will He Ever Get it?  


Articles in December 2005

12/8/05    Why I say Merry Christmas .



Articles in November 2005

11/24/05    Giving Thanks 
11/2/05    Our Happiness



Articles in October 2005

10/21/05    Once upon a time in the near future   .
10/20/05    Harmony and Balance  


Articles in September 2005

9/23/05    Rita, second wave of cleansing  
9/17/05    The New Witch Hunt, Gays in the Priesthood  .
9/14/05    John Roberts, his views, he is avoiding the issues  
9/14/05    9/11 taught us some lessons, what about Katrina?  ...
9/10/05    How to overcome Fear of Terrorism  .
9/4/05    The aftermath of Katrina  


Articles in August 2005

8/31/05    Honoring those affected by Katrina  
8/31/05    Katrina The Hurricane 
8/15/05    Peace and Safety Part 2 
8/15/05    Peace and Safety Part 1  ...
8/15/05    Ten Commandments for Peace of Mind  


Articles in July 2005

7/28/05    Liberal Media Lashes Out at Christians  
7/21/05    Harry Potter and the Christian Right 
7/20/05    Bush's Supreme Court Choice Is a Judge Anchored in Modern Law  
7/20/05    In Pursuit of Conservative Stamp, President Nominates Roberts  
7/20/05    Has the Pope Condemned Harry Potter?   .
7/7/05    Terrorists Strike London With Series of Deadly Explosions 
7/5/05    They say mainstream media is dominated by liberals, lets see if this is true  

Articles I wrote during June 2005

6/28/05    Time to Separate Fact from Fiction on Iraq  
6/22/05    Christian Terrorism, what would Jesus say about all this? Part 1  
6/20/05    War and Weakness 
6/17/05    Its time for truth about war in Iraq come forth & bring our soldiers home  
6/15/05    You Can Make A Difference  
6/12/05    Dean & Cheney fighting, Bush still talking social security and the rest busy in other areas  
6/2/05    Where are the Christians concerning the Social Security Issue  
6/1/05    You May be Brainwashed by Corporate Media if You....  

Articles I wrote during May 2005

5/20/05    What Bush is saying about Social Security - Can we believe him?  
5/20/05    Things Republicans Believe  
5/7/05    The Issue of Social Security  
5/3/05    Why I believe in separation of church and state  

Articles I wrote during April 2005

4/24/05    The New Pope's Beliefs and Plans 
4/19/05    The New Pope - Cardinals Select Germany's Joseph Ratzinger  
4/17/05    It's Not About God, It's About Religion  ..
4/7/05    The Families of Christianity 
4/5/05    The Next Pope - what to look for Part 1 
4/2/05   World Leaders Praise Pope as Force for Peace   ..
4/2/05   Process of selecting a new pope    
4/2/05   The Pope at crossroads Part 2 
4/1/05   The Pope at a crossroad Part 1  

Articles I wrote during March 2005

3/10/05   The Beatitudes of the Ten Commandments 
3/3/05   Why Fight Over the Ten Commandments? The Golden Rule offers an alternative nearly eveyone can rally  


Articles I wrote during Feb. 2005

2/22/05   The Immorality of Christianity  
2/14/05   What the pope is teaching us now  
2/8/05   The New Seven Deadly Sins   .
2/8/05   Company's Smoking Ban Means Off-Hours, Too 
2/8/05   Gay Marriage - Society- Family Values - Traditions   



Articles I wrote during January 2005


1/14/05   President Bush - Social Security and the Rich 
1/6/05   Christians could control america Part 3 
1/6/05   Christians could control america part 2 
1/6/05   The Christians Could Control This Country 
1/5/05   From Judgement to Illumination 
1/4/05   AGrowing Conscience - Showing the world a caring America 
1/3/05   God and the Tsunami--Theology in the Headlines Part 1 
1/1/05   Guardian Unlimited - Jesus, a baby, the cross & the inbetween 

Articles I wrote during December 2004

12/27/04   What Would Jesus do 
12/25/04   Baptists pledge to shun 'homophobic behavior' 
12/17/04   The Battle for Christmas--A New Front in the Culture War 
12/13/04   Fows News Service is not conservative anymore 
12/10/04   Some final words from me about the election 
12/10/04   Know Your Enemy: Political Contradictions of the Right 
12/8/04   Where does Christmas Belong 
12/6/04   Life Doesnít Have to Be Flat and Gray
12/4/04   The Rock of The Church  
12/4/04   Vatican 2 of Catholic Church was a blessing to our world   

Articles I wrote during November 2004

11/30/04   Americans Show Clear Concerns on Bush Agenda 
11/24/04   A Christian role in politics 
11/20/04   Republicanization of America 
11/17/04   Pastors Across U.S. Disagree on Top Threats to Families   
11/14/04   Survey: Format Influenced Voter Priorities 
11/14/04   Fear of Terrorism Can Make You Sick 
11/11/04   Liberal Christians Challenge 'Values Vote' 
11/8/04   Key Concerns of Millions of Christians Who Voted for Bush 
11/7/04   Gay Advocates Examine Role in Election  .
11/7/04   Bush, Kerry Voters Differ on View of U.S
11/3/04   Reports on November Election 

Articles I wrote during October 2004

10/27/04   Bush Flip Flops through the gay issues & War on Terrorism 
10/26/04   Stolen Election? This Time Around, Letís Be Prepared   .
10/25/04   The Battle for the Moral Soul of America     .
10/25/04   The War on Terrorism   
10/25/04   Why Christians Should Not Vote for George W. Bush  
10/25/04   What is at stake in our American democracy   ..
10/25/04   What is going on thats making people vote  ...
10/21/04   THE CASE AGAINST BUSH      
10/21/04   Republicans vs. Democrats - Which do you believe   
10/20/04   The Sten Cell Debate  
10/19/04   The Perfect Storm - The Unholy Trinity  
10/16/04   How to Tell a Democrat from a Republican 
10/15/04   Presidential Election Enters Mean Season 
10/15/04   Whats wrong with being liberal 
10/14/04   The 3 Debates between Bush & Kerry & can you trust polls 
10/14/04   The Christian, Pro-Life, Pro-Kerry, Anti-Bush Argument 
10/12/04   13 Reasons Not to Re-Elect Bush 
10/11/04   Voting Our Conscience, Not Our Religion 
10/10/04   The Christian Right should vote for Kerry and heres why 
10/10/04   Christians For Kerry part 1 
10/6/04   Roman Catholics - Bush & Kerry 

Articles I wrote during September 2004

9/23/04   Jerry Falwell Seeks 'Uprising of Pastors' for Political Forum 
9/22/04   Jimmy Swaggart being very unchristian 
9/22/04   Republicans spreading hate & Jerry Falwell agreeing its okay 
9/19/04   This is my brother's America, not mine 
9/13/04   Earth Changes and End Time Events 
9/6/04   War on Terror 
9/3/04   Final day of Republican Convention 
9/2/04   Third day of Republican Convention 
9/1/04   Second Day of Republican Convention  .

Articles I wrote during August 2004

8/30/04   Opening scenes and stuff about Republican Convention 
8/30/04   Republican Convention starts today, and Bush goes after catholic votes 
8/25/04   Cheney's Comments on Gays Draw Fire 
8/22/04   Religion Experts Ask How Jesus Would Vote 
8/11/04   Get Facts Straight Before Calling a Nation Christian 
8/8/04   Proposal For A New Constitutional Amendment: A Separation of Corporation and State  posted by gracewatcher
8/5/04   Democracy for sale 


Articles I wrote during July 2004

7/30/04   Democratic National Convention and what Bush is saying 
7/26/04   Plan C - The Final Chapter 
7/24/04   Republicans, Catholics and Southern Baptist 
7/22/04   9/11 Panel Says 'We Are Not Safe' 
7/20/04   Ordering a Pizza in 2006 
7/15/04   Is America a Christian Nation? 
7/13/04   Bush is considered arrogant and more info on the gay marriage ban 
7/12/04   Bush comes to Tennessee and tries to defend the war in Irag 
7/12/04   The religious right wingers and the gay marriage ban 
7/9/04   Who is watching after you? 
7/8/04   Jesus and the Patriots - What has right-wing America done to Christianity? 
7/7/04   Satan's Dynamic Duo- Pat Roberston and Jerry Falwell 
7/7/04   Blinded by the Light  ..
7/5/04   Documentary Raising Conservatives' Temperature 
7/5/04   The American Flag and being a democrat 

Articles I wrote back in June 2004

6/30/04   Bush Pushes Democratic Reform in Mideast, but it will not work  
6/30/04   I guess my political views is getting popular for aol 
6/26/04   Preach It, Brother, Why did Kerry stop talking about faith? 
6/18/04   Sending Old men to war 
6/17/04   Muslims, Jews and Christians, brotherhood of 3 religions 
6/17/04   Muslims and Jews, its time to get along 
6/15/04   Faith, God and the Oval Office 
6/7/04   Vote Republican 
6/7/04   20 things to believe in to be a republican 
6/6/04   War, the Pope, catholic Church, O'Reilly and Kerry 


Articles I wrote back in May 2004


5/27/04   Survey: Bishops shouldn't pressure voters  .
5/26/04   Church and State 
5/23/04   100 mistakes for Bush to choose from Part 3 
5/23/04   100 mistakes for Bush to choose from Part 2 
5/23/04   100 mistakes for Bush to choose from Part 1 
5/21/04   What Is Happening In America? 
5/21/04   Bush 2004 Pslam 
5/20/04   21 Reasons to Join the Republican Party: 
5/20/04   If a Democrat Were Doing This 
5/17/04   Some various thought from politics, religion and the in between 
5/17/04   Why we go to war 
5/17/04   What is Wrong With the Christians of America? 
5/17/04   Left, Right, who is WRONG 
5/15/04   Prisoner Abuse Scandal Part 2 
5/15/04   Tha Scandals Growing Pains 
5/15/04   Prisoner Abuse Scandal Part 1 
5/15/04   Bush or Kerry? Stark Contrasts: The Choice is Yours! 
5/12/04   Torture - American Style 
5/12/04   Bush, Kerry Favoring Domestic Issues 
5/12/04   My views of religion in government part 1 
5/1/04   Kerry Says Religion Shouldn't Mix With Politics 

Articles I wrote from March and April of 2004


4/30/04   Islam and Christianity: Pros and Cons 
4/30/04   "Jesus was a liberal" Part 1 
4/28/04   20 things we learned about 9/11 
4/28/04   Fire and Brimstone 
4/24/04   Vatican cardinal fuels religious dispute 
4/24/04   Kerry: Catholic politician in the church's spotlight 
4/24/04   Vatican Cracks Down on Liturgical Abuses 
4/21/04   Religion and Politics and 2004  posted by gracewatcher
4/20/04   Bush Verses Kerry 
4/20/04   Poll Says Most Americans Oppose Gay Marriage 
4/20/04   How can anyone claim 
4/20/04   The Faith Factor 


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